Monday, November 30, 2009


Long after the conversations have died,
the ooh and aah babys have stopped being whispered
long after the bickering fights have gone
there's just one thing that remains

the WHY

and its that, that keeps biting at the heart and won't let wounds heal
where no matter how much u smile or cracks joke, hitting the bed becomes an ordeal


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Madame Poirot: Part 1: The Birthday Gift

“Yaar Nikump”

Nikump looked up from his files, as a lawyer, that too a corporate one, that too those M&A deal types he didn’t expect chit chat to happen before the late lunch that they had usually, infact usually it didn’t happen till around 4 in the evening, which was ok since they usually worked till 11 in the night. After all this was business season for them.

He looked at Kabir, the source of the voice; he had always felt Kabir to be a misfit in their organization. His demeanor was of a spontaneous romantic song compared to the monochromatic tone of the legal arena. What irked Nikump more was that this misfit of a person actually was doing quite well in the organization, not to mention he was one of the few who had a girlfriend, a good one too, an artsy girl, Niharika.

It was on the matter of Niharika only that Kabir had disturbed Nikumps retorie.

“Yaar it’s Niharika’s b’day next month and you know she ain’t someone whom you can gift a perfume bottle or stuff from lush and get away with it. I’m really freaking out over what to get her”

It was stuff like this that really irked off Nikump, he was a serious lawyer and didn’t really feel much inclined to discuss such trivialities of life. He had a wife and a secretary for stuff on the side. Both could be bought perfumes and were happy in their own worlds.

He was going to give a very curt reply, given that it was not yet the customary time for banal chat, but something struck him, something akin to what had made Archimedes run naked on the roads shouting eureka.

“Hmm, yes given that she’s the artsy shartsty type”

“She’s a painter” Kabir said exasperated, he had to correct them everytime!!!

“Yes, yes painter, I think something more intellectual would work better for her. I do remember you mentioning something along the lines of that she reads a lot of detective novels and secretly wishes to be like one. I was thinking, maybe if we set up something for her, something that lasts a month and concludes right on her birthday”

“You mean like a fake mystery to solve”

“Yes yes something like that, after all we are lawyers, if we couldn’t make up something like that, who could”

A light gleamed in Kabir’s eyes, this sounded good, no it sounded perfect….

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Big Game

Whales are mammals...not fish.

And why we talk of this distinction is because thats the only 'big' fish like thing that you can find coming to the sea shore (yes killer whales attack seals on the beach)...for real fish, the big ones, you gotta get into deep sea yourself.

Love and career both even though they exist on different planes validate this can't fall in love without making yourself vulnerable, you can't make it big in career without taking you own call on decisions.

Mostly we have heard this kind of gyan from people who are successful and we feel oh yeah you would say it cause you have made it big, you were the lucky one...hence i felt like speaking on this topic...because i've had myself hurt both in career terms and love terms...and not just once...and so i say...dreams are not worth giving up matter what

Am i an incorrigible optimist...trying to ruin your lives too?

Not really...if you gotta be a cynical about how well a stranger can understand your innermost emotions...and hence make sure you communicate enough with them so that they can understand the being you are...if you gotta be an an optimist in believing that people will rise up to your expectations

if you gotta be a cynic, be a cynic in thinking the world will hand over the CEO's role to you for free...if you gotta be an optimist...believe in the power of your will

Dreams are like roses, you gotto find your way through the thorns to reach to the petals...fight for your dreams, what else is there to live for....go for the big game...

...and yes one could talk about how other flowers like orchids have no thorns...but hello...meri analogy ka kela karne ki naee ho rahee hai :P

cheers ppl

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've got a lot to say, but all of it to myself...

These are the years of life when the dreams of childhood face the harsh realities of life and one must take a stock

Re-visualize those dreams which had along the way gotten distracted by the ways of the world and the eventualities of growing up

It is time to start dreaming again :)

As Aerosmith said...(let's) Dream On

Monday, October 26, 2009


dna thsi si going to be hrda to a cebrelation

evne if teh wrods don't appear clera...

tahts wot ti is

so tkae a deep btreah now...and enjoy the simles adn teh fukc ups coimgn yoru wya

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


so kahaani aisi hai ki i was i think in second grade, this if when we were posted in faizabad. Mom's younger colleague, some BEd teacher had gotten engaged and me and mom had gone their to wish...i mean i had been made to tag along...

anyways so like at such times there was a whole plethora of sweets on the table, some had landed in my plate, i guess mom's doing...don't remember really. But what i do remember is that somebody came with gulabjamuns as a second round of helpings...and i like gulabjamuns and i wanted them...and yet i said no...

and i never understood why...i mean i wanted it, it was offered to me...then why

so yeh hai aaj ka bhaiyaa na bhole banne ki baat hai, aur na bhagwaan ab tumhein gulabjamun khaane ke liye special aakashvani karega...

gulabjamun khaane ke liye hi hotein hain...especially agar offer kiye ja rahein hon... :P

p.s. though i've repeated this same mistake again few times in my life...but this gyan has helped me reduce the nbr of occurrences :P

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Liutenant - Part 8 - And They Lived...

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 4: Comics

The Lieutenant Part 5: Shopping

The Lieutenant Part 6: ‘Mom’

The Lieutenant part 7 - The cold

After the last part I was quite flummoxed, I wasn’t sure where to take this story to. In my mind Rahul being a kid his next natural demand is why don’t his parents stay together, why does he have to be always split between two worlds?

Kiran and Arvind are as confused as the readers as to where they should go, neither of them is sure of their emotions. Kiran rejected Arvind five years back, has anything changed since then for her to go beyond ‘I like this guy’ and what about Arvind, will he be able to forget the turmoil that he has gone through. Kiran was his dream which got shattered, can a dream be rebuilt and even if it can will it be ever the same as the original one.

Just as a trivia Arvind’s character was supposed to turn out later as an actual Colonel in the army. One of those covert operation guys, the whole Harvard thing was meant as a cover, a public image.

Anyways back to the story, the other important question was about Rahul, would he live, his was a rare disease, he had gone beyond the doctor’s expectations till now, would he be the first kid to be able to beat the disease? And what if he didn’t would Arvind and Kiran’s relationship be able to hold if Rahul wasn’t there to hold them. Would Kiran be able to take the shock, she had always wanted a son, her’s was a troubled life, no relationship had worked for her, except this one, for once she was really in love…

These are too many questions, too many uncertainties...and that’s how life is, at any time, some things are under our control, most are not. The present sandwiched between a history of rights and wrongs and a future which refuses to be unhazy…

Its not for me to complete this story, its for each one of you, to choose how you respond to it…choose your own endings…

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Lieutenant part 7 - The cold

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 4: Comics

The Lieutenant Part 5: Shopping

The Lieutenant Part 6: ‘Mom’

The Mumbai rains had come, in their entire splendor. While most of Mumbai enjoyed the downpour Arvind sulked big time. He was a Sun guy, the kind of rains he liked were the ones which lasted no longer than 4 hours. Mumbai rains ofcourse never entertained his pleas for mercy.

This was one of those days Rahul was with his newly adopted ‘mom’. He was at his suburban home sipping tea reading a book on his couch with Major by his side. Like any other boy Rahul was spending most days with his mom. Arvind would see him in between the week sometime or he would come over for a few days every other week. Not that Arvind was entirely happy with this situation, but well a child needed a mother and he felt happy for his kid, he really looked livelier these days as if he had found heaven.

Major started barking suddenly, it was a low deep growl. Arvind who was engrossed in his book looked at Major. Major rarely barked in that tone.

Oh Shit he thought and fumbled for the phone. He called on Rahul’s number. He could hear him sneezing, wildly, barely able to talk. He made a dash for the door like any other worried father. In the morbid weather, that had probably taken a lull to let him pass, he tried to cross the sunken streets as fast as he could, which meant a lot of walking, buses, autos, taxis. After two hours he finally managed to reach Kiran’s house.

Arvind entered the house with his key, The two of them mom and son were sneezing away to glory. She was taking his temperature but he could see she wasn’t much better herself.

“Thank God, you both at least changed into dry clothes” Arvind said to make his presence known

“Daddy!!!” Rahul screamed and rushed into his arms. Arvind lifted him up and held him tight.

He kept him back on the couch. “Now you two, sit” He got them a woolen blanket from the bedroom. Gave them the tv remote. The two of them cuddled each other shivering.

He went into the kitchen and made them, chicken soup, the instant variety, right now was not the time for culinary finesse but fast relief action. As an after thought he added noodles for the slurrpy effect and also to add some weight to the food.

He gave one big bowl each to the shivering mother and son, busy cuddling each other, teeth chattering and yet giggling away to glory while watching tom n jerry.

“Daddy I’m feeling cold” he said making his cute little pleading face

“And so am I” she said, imitating his cute little pleading face

“Kids!!” he said “Pehle ek hi thaa, ab do do hain!!!”

He sat down between them on the couch and they both folded into his arms, wrapping themselves to his chest. Whether it was the effect of the chicken soup or just the moment, but the cold fell away and there was warmth in that living room, and soon three beings were fast asleep, cuddled in each others embrace

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Lieutenant Part 6: ‘Mom’

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 4: Comics

The Lieutenant Part 5: Shopping


“Yes son”

“Dad, could I call Kiran aunty…..Mom”

Half of Arvind’s coffee flew out of his mouth “Ummm sure son, I’m think Kiran aunty would also like that”. Of all the things one expected on a Wednesday morning, this wasn't it

Rahul came and hugged him “Thanks dad, you’re the best”

“No son, you’re the best and you've got the best mom in the world” he hugged him back tightly, happy for Rahul. A thought took him back five years, when he had thought it would be nice to raise children with Kiran, he had always thought of her as a doting mom, who could teach their children about life and the beauties within. But he had never imagined that thought coming true like this.

She called him day after the next, she was almost shrieking in delight “You know what, he, he called me Mom” He just smiled “I couldn’t stop hugging him”

“He’s the son you always wanted, little one”

“Yes” he could hear the sobbing in her voice, a happy kind of sobbing

“Chalo good, he succeeded in wooing you, where I failed” he laughed

“Oh shut up!!!” she giggled

It was the weekend, Rahul was over at Kiran’s, in the few months that they had met since that first encounter at the beach the two had become almost unseparable. Like Colonel even Major had taken a back seat letting the two be on their own.

“Major, I’ve got an uneasy feeling. I don’t know where this is going, but suddenly it feels that life is going to get very complicated very soon”

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Lieutenant Part 5: Shopping

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 4: Comics

Her phone was ringing, it was Monday, as hectic and maddening and hectic as it could get. It was Arvind, she was partly irritated, partly felt a nice tingling feeling in her tummy.

‘Whats it’

‘When do you get off today missy?’

‘I don’t kno, it’s gonna be late’

‘I’ll be at your place at 8:30’

‘What, why, didn’t you just hear me, I’m gonna be late, then I have to meet people, why do you have to be so difficult’

‘Cause that’s how I am, 8:30!!!’

‘I won’t be there’

‘I know!’

She felt more irritated than she already was.

She reached home at 11, there was a dinner meeting she had to attend. He was there outside her flat sitting in the stairs reading a book.

She half screamed at him ‘didn’t I tell you I wasn’t gonna be here till late, why don’t you just listen’

‘How do you manage to get irritated so easily, its really funny to see you get so worked up, though in a way it can be nice also, it used to really really turn me on…and hey I’m not complaining I got a chance to complete my book, so chill, but If I could come in I really do have something I need to talk to you about’

‘Oh ok, and yes do come in, please, where’s my hospitality!!! What’s the matter?’



‘Two weeks ago you got Rahul new clothes, yesterday he again came back with a bag with a new t-shirt and water bottles’

‘Yes and it looked so nice on him, and the bottle really went well with his clothes’

‘Dudette I know you are really very excited about him, but he’s a kid, and kids get spoilt very easily, I’ve tried very hard to not let him go that way and I would really appreciate it if you could keep that in mind’

‘But he had a bad day at school’ she pleaded

Almost raising his voice ‘And retail therapy is not the answer, and while we are at it, he’s not a girl, he doesn’t need so many clothes nor to accessorize. God woman!!! I tell ya you still manage to drive me crazy’

‘Don’t you dare raise your voice to me, I will take him shopping as and when I feel like’ she retorted

‘And you will get a solid whacking from me if you do that’

She slapped him, hard and crisp ‘How dare you!!!’

‘You care to try that once more and check whether you’ll go over my knee or not’

Her eyes growled at him…a long tense pause ‘I’ll go make some coffee, you’ll have?’ She moved to the kitchen with that rhetorical question. ‘I should’ve said yes to you then only shouldn’t I’ She asked with her back to him as she lit the stove

‘Na I think that would have been as dumb as your previous moves’

She turned back surprised ‘But isn’t it what you wanted’

‘Yes, but not you, my loving you isn’t good enough, it’s a necessary but not a sufficient condition, you didn’t want me and that’s what counts’

‘I didn’t know what I wanted’

‘That’s a different problem and had a different answer I guess’

‘So you don’t hate me for pushing you away?’

‘You broke my heart, what do you think!!! But beyond that I never held a grudge against you, I knew you were confused and lost. Plus despite a kind of similarity in so many things we were temperamentally very different. I needed tons of attention and you weren’t the type, who could shower it. I could never read you or know how to treat you the way you needed to, I just know one type of treatment that is to treat a person royally, and you were just too full of contradictions for a simple guy like me.

But you know what hurt most…’


‘That you clandestinely pulled out of the relationship. One day we were deep into each other, then you disappeared and when you came back you weren’t the same again. A relationship requires a lot of communication to build trust. You didn’t add enough cement around the iron bars for the base to form and our relationship went from beautiful to messy

Anyways that was a long time back’

‘Do you still love me?’

‘Can I have my coffee or you wanna superboil it, cause it really seems done’

‘Oh shit’ she giggled

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ruining the Stars

The mystery of the cosmos and how it affects us is pretty intriguing. Even if it is true, how significant is their effect on us?

I did a little survey about two years ago trying to find out whether sun signs could be taken as an effective indicator for success or failure or relationships. Out of the hundred odd people who filled it, the trend was almost half split. 50% people had partners of compatible sun signs. The trend for 'dislikes' was also the same.

Reading further on the subject gave me possible explanations for the same. Firstly its not jst about your sun sign, you have a moon sign too, then within your sun-sign you have a rising planet. And if you go by the Chinese they believe the year you were born in also shapes your inherent personality. Numerology says that within a sun sign the exact date (summed up) gives an indicator of who you are. Limiting ourselves to just these factors lets see how the equation pans out.

You could be an

'Virgo' Sun Sign
have 'Mercury' as your rising planet
With a 'Taurus' moon sign
Born in the year of the 'Rabbit'
With A numerology of '4'

So you see even if the cosmos does affect us, it doesn't make it any simple for us to find our perfect one

But i hope while reading all this a question struck your does this mean our actions and behaviours are predefined?

Does that mean a Cancer guy and a Leo girl can never make a happy couple?

Like always I won't give an answer, leave you to find it yourself...but here's my take on it...if you really like a person and that person likes you back...i doubt the sun signs can get in your way...coz there's that thing we have...choice...and as much i believe in the power of the sun and the stars...i believe more in the power of choice

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can I take him home mama

Ok I am quite young, only 27, not married, don't even have a dog...but look at the kid below...he's a steal...i wish they'd let me adopt him

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Lieutenant Part 4: Comics

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

“You OWN ‘Comics’!!!!” she almost screamingly asked / accused him as they waited outside Rahul’s school to pick him up.


“That didn’t figure in your I do consulting, I teach at Harvard story”

“Naah, it was just a stupid little idea that turned out to be brilliant. Remember that rice guy the one who used to mail music. Well he really likes comics and one day sitting in a bar I thought all bars are so morose, we need some fantasy in here, we need some heroes, and so ‘Comics’ was born”

“Stupid idea? It’s the most brilliantly run Chain of Pubs, in three years it has gone on to become an international chain of stores with 130 locations across the world. It managed to get onto the cover of Times magazine and won 20 dozen prizes. Dammit half the world is using it as a case study in their MBA classes. Including me when I go to teach.”

“You would make for one hot teacher” he joked

“Shut up” she said her way of saying thanks to a compliment “But your name’s never figured. Everytime the name of that guy….shit!!! He is rice boy isn’t he”

Arvind grinned.“Yeah he’s the CEO, it was really him who built the whole business. I just built the organization. My official title there is ‘Head Janitor’”

“ ‘Head Janitor’!!!! like always you are full of surprises Arvind, like always”

“Think of it, its very simple. In a pub a customer’s experience is made by two things the barman and the janitor. Glasses break, drinks spill, the loos get dirty. Would you want to go to a pub with a dirty loo??? Now I could never fling a bottle in the air, catch it and make a drink also. I found a guy who juggles five bottles in the air and makes a drink. He’s got the flair for it, I made him the head barman, I preferred to be the Head Janitor, I can mop, and mop well. But more importantly in my organization nobody looks down upon the job of a janitor…and that’s how it is done…when the top of the organization can be found washing the dishes on a busy day and nobody finds anything odd about it. That’s how organizations are built.”

“I didn’t know that, most of the case studies that I’ve read have been on how innovative ‘Comics’ has been right from seating design, drinks, and my personal favorite, crispy fresh comics available at your table and for pub members you can put a demand for any comic you like and they’ll have it the next time you visit”

“Yes, we spend a lot on buying comics, like casinos throw away their cards, we gift away all comics that are not crisp and clean. But that’s all cock and bull stuff any other ass would have done just that if he wanted to run the pub successfully like all casinos do. It’s a no brainer. What people don’t know about is that in our organization we have no company policies, no rules, and no performance targets. And we have 100% employee engagement.”

“No what!!! How do you run a company with no rules, no targets? That’s crazy”

“No it isn’t. We hire people for their attitude and run the company on culture. A barman is a barman cause he likes to mix drinks. We don’t ask him how many hours he wants to work. He works till he enjoys mixing the drinks. The accountant working in the back office likes his worksheets. When it gets boring for him, he stops. When people start enjoying their work they just keep doing it better and better. It’s a very different world most people are not used to. In our organization you won’t last if you are a sloucher or you don’t like your work. You only last if you like what you are doing, and we make working here fun. There’s absolutely no pressure, there are no profit earnings to be met, and we are a private limited company.”

“Ok enough of the lecture now!!! Mr. showoff, why couldn’t you just buy yourself a decent car, why couldn’t you live in town why a house in Andheri, with the kind of money you must be making you could buy one in Malabar hills!!!”

“I could, but doesn’t mean I want to. I don’t need a fancy car, or a fancy house. Those were always your wants. I have Major and Lieutenant with me and a whole bunch of friends in Andheri. Plus we are five minutes away from Rahul’s hospital. That’s the whole point of being in Bombay anyways, that’s why I moved from Delhi to Bombay......Rahul...all the money from this pub thing goes into an NGO which funds under priviledged children. I make enough from Harvard and consulting for a good life."

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

“Is this seat taken mister?”

“What are you doing here, aren’t you supposed to be with Rahul”

“He’s gone to bed, I tucked him in, he told me where I’d find you, I hope you don’t bring him here” she said slinking into the bar stool next to him

“Naah, I told him he needs to be promoted to a Major before he starts drinking. How was it with him, you guys had fun?”

“Oooh he’s a delight, we played scrabble and then he played me songs on the guitar, your kid’s very brilliant Arvind, you are very lucky”

“Yeah I know, I know, brilliant he is; his brilliance is his gift and his curse”


“Yeah he’s got a hyperactive brain, it secrets some chemicals, makes it keep working, when Rahul was little as baby he couldn’t sleep, we took him to the best doctors and they finally figured out what the problem was; he’s living the life on the edge of a blink Kiran, his medicine keeps his brain under check. It’s a very rare mutation so to say, only a hundred and twelve known cases so far, none grew up to be an adult. Every day that he breathes is miracle”

Tears welled up in her eyes “damn you” she said banging her fist into his shoulder “damn you”

“Yeah I know, I know.” He called out to the barman “Aby, get the lady a drink, a stiff one”

She had a sip of her drink “Who were his parents?”

“They were my students at Harvard, a lovely couple”

“Harvard!!! Students!!! did I lose you somewhere?” she asked astound

“Four and a half years ago on a train to Rishikesh this chap was sitting next to me, we got talking on philosophy and he got interested in what I had to say, so interested infact that he invited me to come to Harvard and tell the people there. I do a two month course at Harvard each year on business philosophy. It’s quite popular now.

“Raman and Archana were my students in the first year there. They were also the people who made me feel home in a strange country and became my best friends. Their 3 year old kid, Rahul, became my godson. I don’t think anybody who has ever met Rahul has not fallen in love with him. You should’ve seen him then, he was a pure bundle of joy. They died in a car crash the next year Rahul was four and half, I brought him home. But you know what; I thought I was going to be his dad till I got him home. Major never gave me that chance. Ever since Major saw the kid as he took the first steps he’s been by his side guarding over him, scolding him, pampering him. I was happily relegated to being his friend. Infact he’s so attached to the kid I had to talk to the principal to let Major go to school with him!!!”

“What!!! Really? Awwwww that’s so sweet”


“And what about you, you never married?”

“I almost did, actually. That’s another funny story. On my plane to Harvard I was seated next to this charming young girl. We got talking; she gave me her number in US. She was doing her masters in movie direction there. I called her up we met, we clicked, everything looked all set.”


“Then her dad invited me home. They are bloody rich people and I mean bloody rich. Her pop told me, son I like you, you’re a nice kid to have as a son-in-law but a marriage is not just a mix of two people its also brings two families together. Stay a few days here and see if you feel you and your family will feel comfortable with us I’ll be happy to give my daughter’s hand to you. The old bugger was right everybody in their family was so rich man, it was like they lived in a different universe altogether. I didn’t want our marriage to alienate her from her family. We discussed this and went our ways. She got married the next year to a movie director she started working with and then the car crash happened and well I’ve had my hands full since then.”

“You never felt the need for another person”

“I’m in my mid thirties now kiddo, there was a time when I needed a partner. I’ve lived through that era, now what do I need a partner for?”

“Don’t you think Rahul would need a mother?”

“Well he had, and life took her away from him and he’s got to live with that. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I think am done for the night. If you could get Rahul ready by 8 I’ll come pick him then and take him to school.” He kept his glass on the counter and walked off “Good night little one”

“Good night” her eyes lingered onto the lanky frame walking out of the bar.

“Aby, you didn’t ask him to pay?” she asked the barman

“Him!!! he owns the place”

to be continued…

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

“Kiran aunty you smell nice” complemented Rahul as she laughingly pulled him into a tight hug

“Thanks beta, you are a darling, I wish I could steal you away from your colonel for a day”

“Oh you can aunty, if you promise me pizza you can”

“Oh I didn’t know soldiers of the army could be bribed so easily”

“You are right aunty” he said on beat “make that a pizza and a brownie with ice cream and we have a deal”

“He’s playing you missy, be careful” Arvind pitched in ruffling Rahul’s hair

“Is it all right with you, if he spends the rest of the evening with me?” She asked him

“Sure kiddo, just take care of the young one”

“Lieutenant if you gotta go, go get your stuff”

“I’ll go get him daddy”

“You let him wander alone, on the beach, you’re not afraid?”

“Ha ha, afraid, no, and he’s not alone, you’ll see”

“We’re all set to go daddy” Rahul came back followed by a hopping german shepherd.

“Kiran, meet our third army man, Major”

She grinned “I see we have a whole army out here”

Major came near her and sniffed her, went round and went back standing next to Rahul

“So now you know Rahul’s never alone and why I don’t have to worry”

He picked up Rahul in his arms “whose going to be a well disciplined soldier at aunty’s place”

“Sheesh dad, what sadoo dialogues you make, aunty and me are gonna have a wild time, just chill”

“Ok mister, done deal, chill I will, and here’s your magic potion, remember soldier, two teaspoonfuls before sleeping”

“Sir yes sir”

“Magic potion?” Kiran asked increasingly confused by this whole story inside which the father son lived.

“Will tell ya later”

“Don’t you want to check with your wife first, if she’s ok with me taking Rahul for the night”

“Colonel doesn’t have a wife, he found me when he was on mission in the jungles and brought me home”

She looked at him not knowing what to say

“Aah so you finally bought your beamer, your driver is waving at you”

“Ya I did last year, it a beaut”

“Sure is, take care of my little champ and do remember two teaspoonfuls of his magic potion just before sleeping and give me your card or do you still have your old Mumbai number”

“Ya it’s the same, you still have it”

“Yeah, chal cya, have a fun time you three”


“Oh ya where Rahul goes Major goes, have fun” He waved to them as they got into the car

to be continued....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Lieutenant: Meetup at the beach

Part 1: The Beach

Arvind!!! A female voice shrieked. Arvind looked up, from his plate of pani puri that he was happily gulping down, in the direction of the shriek. He knew who that voice belonged to, just that after five years he wasn’t sure how to react to it.

She came striding up to him. “I can’t believe it, after all these years”.

“Hi little one, how’ve you been?” he greeted her back.

“Life’s good, I’ve settled here in Mumbai, have my own little company.”

“So you finally became a CEO” he smiled.

“What have you been upto?”

“Oh nothing, got into economic research and stuff, make some money here and there as a consultant, you know me, never the serious types”

“Colonel, come in colonel” the walky-talky strapped across Arvind’s belt came alive.

“Colonel?” she asked confused

“Wait you’ll see” he winked “Come in lieutenant”

“We’re all set colonel” a little voice crackled

“Cover your bases and make your way back then lieutenant”

“Come on Arvind, you’re killing me, what’s all this colonel lieutenant business about”

“Patience, my dear”

“Tell me!!!”

“Like always, no patience in you”

“Daddy” a little boy jumped up onto Arvind’s back from behind.

“How was the game today”

“Was nice daddy, Chandar scored two goals and we won”

“And where are your manners little monkey, say hi to Kiran aunty”

“Hi beta”

“Hello aunty”

“What’s your name beta”

“I’m Rahul, aunty, second Lieutenant Rahul”

She couldn't help but laugh and hug the little second be continued

Friday, August 28, 2009

Judgement Day

Should we judge?'s me stirring the cauldron of thoughts...

One reason why I believe people dislike judging others is that...well we don't usually know the complete context in which another person acted and hence our judgments could very easily and very often turn out to be wrong...and that's scary!!!

But then isn't life all about judging... isn't it an inescapable act?

As you are approaching an intersection your mind is judging whether to slow down based on the traffic. The first time you meet some person, their body language, the clothes, everything starts forming perceptions in our minds, doesn't it?

And if there is no judgment at all...won't criminals romp the earth free?

And does life judge us...each french fry we eat...we are so squarely judged for it, aren't we ;)

From careers, to what meal we are going to eat next we make as many judgments and choices as there are moments...

The essence therefore may lie in being aware of the limitations under which we make our judgments and to learn from our past mistakes to sharpen our judgment skills and to be very careful while we make our judgments

The whole topic of judgment would also in a way tell us, that look be as transparent as possible, make it easy for people to judge you fairly

And having said that one would also say, don't be afraid of being judged wrongly. I think the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Ram had the twists in them to tell people that dudes and dudettes of the world, if people can question us, they can definitely question you, so don't let it hassle you, do what you believe in...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cute Little Love Stories - 5 Aajkal

"Aajkal badee baatein hone lagee hain duneeya waalon se" he said

She looked at him, said nothing

"Syaapa! chal chai peetein hain"

They walked down to the roadside tapri and ordered two glasses of cutting chai

"Sutta share karna hai?"

She nodded a no

"Tujhe pata hai tu bahut bolta hai" she finally said

"Naee boloon kya?"

A no again

"Tu jab bolta hai, achcha lagta hai"

"Aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai?"

"Tu waapas chal, tujhe pyaar dikhaati hoon"

He grinned

She grinned

The chai waalla couldn't help but grin

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A fuck is worth

10 minutes, prolly 11 as, damn who was that author again, says.

Add to it around 2 hours of foreplay and 1 hr of after cuddle...more or less you are done in 3.5 hrs

to make it sound boring that is, for the entertainment read the chicklits i write :P

the question oh yes there always is a question, wat do you spend your time worrying about all day, what is it that you are really worried about, and ofcourse, why the fuck are you worried!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cute little love stories - 4 On the House

'Could you send for the cook please.'

'Why sir is something the matter' she asked with an air of concern

'Yes something is, how is that she always manages to blow my mind with her cooking'

She blushed a sheepish smile 'maybe she likes the patronage sir bestows on her'

'You know i did have a request though'

'Something else sir would like?'

'There's this dessert of hers, she calls it lips, its just out of the world, the moment they touch my lips, its like delicious strawberry mixed itself with the eclectic cosmos to deliver an unmatchable stunner....could I have one of those'

She wrapped her arms around his neck 'Oh sir, I just heard from the manager and he said, for such fine patrons like you, its on the house tonight, these lips, all for you, as much as you want......'

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Of Childhood Dreams

Remember the time when we were kids, all our dreams. We wanted to grow up to be an astronaut, find a prince or princess, help the world, be a hero, live the luxurious life. So many dreams criss crossing unbound.

But as we grew up we found that our dreams had some scenes missing, like working hard for getting into a medical college and competing against a few lakh others,or that your prince charming who you eloped with leaving your family behind sells you off to a brothel in mumbai. The young kid who saw his pop toil the fields and imagined growing up to be a fine farmer never had thought he would one day as a grown up be drinking insecticide because of the unmanageable debt he was in from failed monsoons and the loan for his daughter's wedding.

We didn't imagine these in our dreams did we?

So was our childhood a cruel joke, setting us up for stuff that was never meant to be?

Life can be cruel, admittedly. The more I see around the more I believe in that. As kids we dreamt of what we wanted, life showed us the challenges to get there. What i've also seen is that the people who are really really what I would say been unjustly treated are the ones who manage to learn to live with life, to be able to dream the dreams which they had as kids, as adults also.

This post comes from me looking back and seeing where life has been nice to me and where it has been nasty and to compare that to others. I mean look at us, we weren't born on a street with our mothers begging for milk, no landmine blew up our arms and burnt our faces, no nurse turned the valve of oxygen on my baby destroying most of his brain.

I have come to realize that all the crying most of us do, if we ever saw what some people have gone through and showed life the finger and still managed to hold onto their dreams, would be ashamed and feel like spoilt brats

Face it, its not that we weren't meant to dream, just that we can either fear what life is gonna throw at us and sulk, or we go get our dreams.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In My Shoes

One of the important rituals of the night for me, is to polish my shoes for the next morning.

Life is more or less like a shoe after all isn't it. Starts from a factory, treads many roads, walks through carpeted floors and on dusty streets. Mixes around with chappals outside a temple and talks to other hush puppies and the likes across the boardroom.

Every day is a new day, a new gamble, some days it comes home as shining with glory, other days trodden, beaten and dirty.

And thats why every night you must clean your pair, put the polish back on, buff it, so tha the next morning, senor v are ready again

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cute Little Love Stories 3 - The Little World

a little girl, she is all of 3, impish face, and a t shirt thats grubby because her hands have been using it as a towel...she clambers on to ur tummy at 5 am

ur little curly haired angel.. has clambered on to ur belly n woken u up
there is something sticky n wet tht u can feel u half open ur eyes u see the devil her.. all painted like a red indian; for god knows where she had unearthed ur paint box n managed to paint herself all over.. and having exhausted her little body canvas
was ready to start work on u just wanted u to hitch ur t shirt up

and ur wife.. slowly wakes up from all the noise to see two tousled hair little ppl.. all jumbled into a ball.. very solemnly trying to see if the red can melt into each other..
she smiles.. flings across her bed clothes and just grins.. a lovely smile seeing her world at work
the camera comes out.. and little moments are captured.. only with mommy being drawn into canvas painting as well...

the little world

Guest post by NehaJ

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Talking

Its been a while since I posted. So today lets just talk, no rants, no exuberance, just talk...

Life was slightly fucked up at work and it was and has been giving me a troubled time, comforting, sometimes scolding words from friends helped keep me sane...hopefully most of that is not past.

Today when I woke up at 6...and having slept at 1a.m. didnt expect it...the world felt relatively nice...went for a walk with bro...but soon the heart again took a tumbling, but then I went out shopping for a book the boss wanted...that one wasn't in stock...but i came back pretty cheerful (and down some money...and up some books for self :) )

We guys (N, G and Me) are trying to cook up a business plan...we thought we had a good idea, but then maybe not. So help us people. We've seen social networks come up right, orkut -> facebook ->twitter, not to mention online dating/matrimonial sites, professional network sites (LinkedIn) what is it that you feel these people miss out on...what is that one website you wish was up...

Played tennis one day only, but it was serves are still with me (and thats how i seem to score points, need to work on my stroke play)

Relationships are still a bloody messy area...though i guess in a way thats good...its a pretty interesting part of my life i'd say

One thing i also observed...everybody has some fuck ups in life...and i mean everybody...and when i see everybody else's i feel greatful for the ones i've got...they don't seem that bad

Off to Oman again tonight, slightly skeptical this time but also looking forward to the challenge.

Somewhere in the past few months I lost me...maybe somewhere down the years I lost me...Or maybe to put it...i'm still finding me...Work, relationships, secrets, accusations, quite a decent masala pic...but overall i learnt more about me, and i learnt more about people....not the negative kind...but probably the same thing that I keep saying repeatedly...that everyone has their fears and aspirations...and one lesson for me...don't butt in to help people, if they want your help they'll come to you for it

But more importantly other than about other people I learnt to ask myself...what do I want to be different points in my life I've tried, writing, squash, tennis, chess, blogging, knitting, cooking, badminton, swimming,photography, sketching, etc...i'm a guy who likes to do something new everyday...irrespective of whether i'm good at it or took my dance teacher two months to get me from jumping monkey, to two left feet to 'people if he can do it, so can you' :P

One last bit for today...I'm not a perfect guy, or even a perfect person. I have my own fears and aspirations that drive me. There are things i'm good at, things I'm not so good at and things i absolutely suck at...but whatever I am...I am very comfortable being me...and it took me years to get to this. I don't stop striving to be a better person everyday...but I have no aspirations of being god (Greek, Roman or otherwise :P) either...

with that unconclusive babble...i close today's post :)

-The SanelyInsane

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cute little stories - 2

“Want to hear a nice story?” he smsed

So he had landed she thought to herself. She had been awake, she was always awake. “What story” she asked

“Oh I could always cook up something”

“Can you cook up rain then, coz its bloody hot here”


“Kid you are!!!” she replied in exasperation.

He smiled; the radio in the cab was playing ‘rehna tu’.

A week later it rained, and as the first drops fell on the parched earth and her thirsty cheeks,........ “bastard” she thought to herself and smiled.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sitting by the play ground
I was munching on salted peanuts
A bunch of kids playing football

Little darlings all
clean tees and shorts
eager be muddied

There was the gifted
the one who could
dribble the ball

The other was a coach
would play less
and teach more

The morale booster
who could after a goal
cheer the team back into action

Not to mention the players
the ones who had to support the dribbler
listen to the coach and get cheered on by the booster

But as i sat and watched
two other kids caught my attention
and my eyes just didnt leave them

The elder one was a jostler
she had a sheepish smile, loads of energy
and kicked people on the shins

The other one was the awkward
he dribbled as badly as anyone could
wasnt really good at anything

These two kids, one despised by everyone
one left alone by everyone
were lost to themselves

Wondering what they had done wrong
what had they done wrong?
nothing...they were also kids

A few days ago a person i knew was talking about another person and all the bad that other person had done. I know both of these people to a different extent but I know both are nice people, both have bad things to say about each other.

An incident today and a very sad one about another person precipitated the thoughts into words

Its easy for us people to label each other as good or bad, as achievers or failures. We are all kids, all wanting to smile, laugh and be happy, we have our own ways, sometimes we hurt each other, sometimes we get lost; but in the end, we are all trying to dribble the ball as best as we can...just because we each play a different way we shouldn't miss the point...we are all kids...we all want to smile, laugh and be happy

Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh little bird

Oh little bird
flapping your wings
against the tyranny
of people and time

this jail cannot be broken
through hurtful angst
in your wake others shall cry
is that what you want?

Your tears are precious
waste them no more
look how the kids come
joyfully to you

Come sit on my perch
Oh little one
I'll pet you
and take good care

And you'll realize that
the jail is easily broken
when u fill your bosom with love again
and sing the song that brings sunshine

Oh little bird
you are the light of the world
come back, come back
to the world of love

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

So after months of having it on my laptop I finally saw this piece of work.

The joyful expression of shopping (a good tutorial for men who don't understand why women like to shop), the jealous desire of winning your man before he gets ensnared by the charms of a conniving bimbo, the addictive plight of today's youth wanting to live a life beyond their means, of a person making her career, of achieving what nobody thought u could.

The movie beautifully weaves all of this into one tale...'the girl with the green scarf'
And that is where the movie really starts, its not about brands or money or the lack of it, or romance...its about having a perspective.

"Rebecca Bloomwood: When I was 7 most of my friends stopped believing in magic. That's when I first started. They were beautiful, they were happy. They didn't even need any money, they had magic cards. "

When I was 7 I realized that we really didn't have a lot of was in the army, mom was a school teacher. I didn't buy too many novels, never bought a cassette tape till I was in 11th, every thing was a debate between cost and worth. Not like it was a hard life, we had all sorts of fruits and vegetables in the fridge, we wore shiny new uniforms to school, but it wasn't a life of luxury either. I grew up one of those who wonders what the people inside those big cars and hotels must be like. Those suits in fine fabric, custom tailored for the gentlemen, shoes shining like they have a invisible layer of water on them, the expensive glasses with ice swirling the dark portion.

It was a mystery, yes...

I've been to those five star buildings now, have swirled the ice and smoked the cuban cigars (and I mean cuban)...not like I've reached the eptiome of luxury either, I get my suits custom tailored, but they aren't cut in Savile Row...I don't dress, eat or kill like James Bond (goes without saying I don't look like him either). Even though i have been through those very halls it still is pretty much of a mystery to me...for me even now the question of cost vs. worth comes up.

But somewhere between when I was 7 and today I got to know a secret that people inside those buildings quite often find themselves clueless about...where does one find happiness?

Happiness is found at the dinner a warm house, with warm food, where you share the tensions, the fights, the joys and the sorrows together.

Once you have that it is immaterial if you are eating Dal Bukhara or maa di daal (same thing diff names), whether your shorts are from tommy hilfiger or the imitation nike sold on the road side....

Once you have that.

-The Sanely Insane

Monday, June 8, 2009

A cute little love story

My boss recounted this yesterday about a friend of friend.

So this chap was once sitting in a library and so deeply engrossed that by the time he looked up the library had shuttered down, with him inside it (and this is the pre cell-phone era we are talking about).

So he did what he could do, walk around in the library where he saw another person, 'she' too had been afflicted by the 'too engrossed to notice' syndrome.

So the two of them spent the night inside chatting....

...and a few months down the line they were married

so really...fairy tale romances do happen

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The bro code part 2 - Case of the tattering marriage

For those who haven't read the first part take a peek here

Ok so a chap from our community approached us with this peculiar (peculiar by his standards, its a very common syndrome) problem. A friend of his had been going through a time with her marriage and like any friend should he offered her his shoulder to cry on, his ears to listen to her problems and sane advice (if any man could ever offer one :P ). In doing so he lost his heart to her, she had always been a nice smart witty female this closeness sharing of pain proved to be the tipping point. However as fate would have it the lady managed to get her marriage back on track (thank allah for this :) we don't like seeing marriages breaking up).

So now the question is what does our chap do. While strictly this is not covered under the scope of the brotherhood but we can't leave our brother without guidance now can we, hence applying the principles (did i get the spelling right?) of fairness that the brotherhood is based on we came up with a simple question (the brotherhood believes that even the most complex equations can be solved, if you know exactly what question to ask)

The question being can he come to terms with this new dynamics of relationships, keep being a friend, even though he has strong feelings for her, or does he feel that his feelings will seep out and somewhere cause bitterness either between him, his friend and/or her husband.

And like we expected the answer from our chap pointed to the latter in which case we advised him to step back and out, to sever any and all connections except those which can't be for (social / professional reasons). To bear the pain in the short term for peace and love to prosper....

Our sympathies with the dear chap who has to bear the pain and with the lady who will not be able to understand why her closest friend is going away, but such is must make tough choices sometimes

Friday, June 5, 2009

Beauty - Charles Baudelaire

I Am as lovely as a dream in stone,
And this my heart where each finds death in turn,
Inspires the poet with a love as lone
As clay eternal and as taciturn.

Swan-white of heart, a sphinx no mortal knows,
My throne is in the heaven's azure deep;
I hate all movements that disturb my pose,
I smile not ever, neither do I weep.

Before my monumental attitudes,
That breathe a soul into the plastic arts,
My poets pray in austere studious moods,

For I, to fold enchantment round their hearts,
Have pools of light where beauty flames and dies,
The placid mirrors of my luminous eyes.

A friend read out a few lines of this to me, I can only say that I'm still reading it and letting the subtleties come to me slowly, letting out the beauty of thought in a very slow trickle

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Is it ringing?

Yesterday saw in BBC that in Spain unemployment rates have zoomed to 18%. Thats almost a fifth of the working population. Now while one may blame it on the recession but i believe there is something more deeprooted that is to blame and which irks me more because the recession may have an end to it...but the other problem, now thats something

Imagine for a moment the whole of the world is split into five different countries each having a hundred people. Now one country comes up with an invention called cellphone. First in country A 2 people buy it then a few people in country B buy it, country C,D and E are relatively poor so right now they can't afford it.

So the demand for this thing called cellphone rises in country A and B. Then they realize that they can improve profits by getting the manufacturing done in country C.So they outsource to country C. The income levels in country C start rising so people there also start being able to afford cellphones. Meanwhile in country A and B almost everybody has a cellphone so you start introducing more features, some people buy more than one handset, some others change it every now and then and dump the old one so that every year a manager can say he has sold more mobiles than the previous year.

Slowly sales in country A and B start to plateau when you realize that Country C only 6 people have bought cell phones while they have gotten rich making cellphones for A and B. So you start focussing on country C and you see tremendous growth next few years. Then sometime down you realize that sales from C will not be enough and you start looking at D and E, by now the world population is 600 so you have more people to sell to.

But where does this go to? till when can you work on a growing sales model? till when can you tell people to buy more and more, till when can we exploit the earth more and more for our luxuries than our needs, till when can the owner of the cellphone co. live in palaces and eat dishes with gold foil while someone in country E is drinking dirty water.

Something tells me that we humans have gone very wrong somewhere...very very wrong

Monday, June 1, 2009

This blog

This blog for me is another step in evolution. I know it troubles you guys because you need to keep track of the change every time i jump titles and links, I do apologize for the inconvenience and at the same time hope that you appreciate the freshness the change brings.

With this blog you would've noticed that I've transitioned from my fixation for the black template to the white template which is in line with the theme of this blog 'Beauty of Knowledge'. The title as well the link would leave you confused (I hope it does) because it means nothing, it cannot be pronounced easily or kept in the memory. Our human brain like other things in nature finds it the most convenient to 'patternize' everything. These patterns i believe while having their advantages have a very subtle but powerful disadvantage, that being the 'complexity' in our lives. Every time we feel things are complex it is my theory is that we have been captured / captivated by some pattern and are mentally not able to break out of it. This blog hence tries to break all kinds of stereotypes or patterns that exist and hopes that people will see the light as plain and white as it actually is

It is also a means for me to reach out to people. I'm a conversationalist, this is what I do and my blog continues to be a medium for me to mix my soul with those of others and make a very spicey tangy soul salad. I hope you will all like ones before you extend me the privilege for the same.

It is and here I almost blush :P also a means for me to try and reach out to that single woman who may be looking for me. I have just stepped out of a rather massive heart break and hence may not be very receptive at this point of time. But then between the last time I fell in love and this time the gap was 3 years (with a two minor flickerings in between) and I don't hold high hopes of finding someone really special any time soon. Having said that I do believe (and here you can see how patterns form) that the kind of women who like me are the ones who have a great bias in favour of people with words, wit and intelligence over brut force or money. A single woman is a rare thing today (given the skewed sex ratio :P ) and moreover finding someone you like and they like you back being rarer yet still I believe that if she were to exist and she blogs that maybe she would find me here

But more than my interest to break the patterns of your believes or my romantic hopes of finding lady love, the strongest motivation driver for me is the desire to try and bring a smile to people's faces. I believe that I'm not here on earth to create great products or lead nations to victory but simply to leave the place with more smiles than what I came into. And i really hope that I'm able to achieve this to as much an extent as I can