Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In My Shoes

One of the important rituals of the night for me, is to polish my shoes for the next morning.

Life is more or less like a shoe after all isn't it. Starts from a factory, treads many roads, walks through carpeted floors and on dusty streets. Mixes around with chappals outside a temple and talks to other hush puppies and the likes across the boardroom.

Every day is a new day, a new gamble, some days it comes home as shining with glory, other days trodden, beaten and dirty.

And thats why every night you must clean your pair, put the polish back on, buff it, so tha the next morning, senor v are ready again

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cute Little Love Stories 3 - The Little World

a little girl, she is all of 3, impish face, and a t shirt thats grubby because her hands have been using it as a towel...she clambers on to ur tummy at 5 am

ur little curly haired angel.. has clambered on to ur belly n woken u up
there is something sticky n wet tht u can feel u half open ur eyes u see the devil her.. all painted like a red indian; for god knows where she had unearthed ur paint box n managed to paint herself all over.. and having exhausted her little body canvas
was ready to start work on u just wanted u to hitch ur t shirt up

and ur wife.. slowly wakes up from all the noise to see two tousled hair little ppl.. all jumbled into a ball.. very solemnly trying to see if the red can melt into each other..
she smiles.. flings across her bed clothes and just grins.. a lovely smile seeing her world at work
the camera comes out.. and little moments are captured.. only with mommy being drawn into canvas painting as well...

the little world

Guest post by NehaJ

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Talking

Its been a while since I posted. So today lets just talk, no rants, no exuberance, just talk...

Life was slightly fucked up at work and it was and has been giving me a troubled time, comforting, sometimes scolding words from friends helped keep me sane...hopefully most of that is not past.

Today when I woke up at 6...and having slept at 1a.m. didnt expect it...the world felt relatively nice...went for a walk with bro...but soon the heart again took a tumbling, but then I went out shopping for a book the boss wanted...that one wasn't in stock...but i came back pretty cheerful (and down some money...and up some books for self :) )

We guys (N, G and Me) are trying to cook up a business plan...we thought we had a good idea, but then maybe not. So help us people. We've seen social networks come up right, orkut -> facebook ->twitter, not to mention online dating/matrimonial sites, professional network sites (LinkedIn)...so what is it that you feel these people miss out on...what is that one website you wish was up...

Played tennis one day only, but it was good...my serves are still with me (and thats how i seem to score points, need to work on my stroke play)

Relationships are still a bloody messy area...though i guess in a way thats good...its a pretty interesting part of my life i'd say

One thing i also observed...everybody has some fuck ups in life...and i mean everybody...and when i see everybody else's i feel greatful for the ones i've got...they don't seem that bad

Off to Oman again tonight, slightly skeptical this time but also looking forward to the challenge.

Somewhere in the past few months I lost me...maybe somewhere down the years I lost me...Or maybe to put it...i'm still finding me...Work, relationships, secrets, accusations, quite a decent masala pic...but overall i learnt more about me, and i learnt more about people....not the negative kind...but probably the same thing that I keep saying repeatedly...that everyone has their fears and aspirations...and one lesson for me...don't butt in to help people, if they want your help they'll come to you for it

But more importantly other than about other people I learnt to ask myself...what do I want to be today...at different points in my life I've tried, writing, squash, tennis, chess, blogging, knitting, cooking, badminton, swimming,photography, sketching, etc...i'm a guy who likes to do something new everyday...irrespective of whether i'm good at it or not...it took my dance teacher two months to get me from jumping monkey, to two left feet to 'people if he can do it, so can you' :P

One last bit for today...I'm not a perfect guy, or even a perfect person. I have my own fears and aspirations that drive me. There are things i'm good at, things I'm not so good at and things i absolutely suck at...but whatever I am...I am very comfortable being me...and it took me years to get to this. I don't stop striving to be a better person everyday...but I have no aspirations of being god (Greek, Roman or otherwise :P) either...

with that unconclusive babble...i close today's post :)

-The SanelyInsane