Saturday, June 6, 2009

The bro code part 2 - Case of the tattering marriage

For those who haven't read the first part take a peek here

Ok so a chap from our community approached us with this peculiar (peculiar by his standards, its a very common syndrome) problem. A friend of his had been going through a time with her marriage and like any friend should he offered her his shoulder to cry on, his ears to listen to her problems and sane advice (if any man could ever offer one :P ). In doing so he lost his heart to her, she had always been a nice smart witty female this closeness sharing of pain proved to be the tipping point. However as fate would have it the lady managed to get her marriage back on track (thank allah for this :) we don't like seeing marriages breaking up).

So now the question is what does our chap do. While strictly this is not covered under the scope of the brotherhood but we can't leave our brother without guidance now can we, hence applying the principles (did i get the spelling right?) of fairness that the brotherhood is based on we came up with a simple question (the brotherhood believes that even the most complex equations can be solved, if you know exactly what question to ask)

The question being can he come to terms with this new dynamics of relationships, keep being a friend, even though he has strong feelings for her, or does he feel that his feelings will seep out and somewhere cause bitterness either between him, his friend and/or her husband.

And like we expected the answer from our chap pointed to the latter in which case we advised him to step back and out, to sever any and all connections except those which can't be for (social / professional reasons). To bear the pain in the short term for peace and love to prosper....

Our sympathies with the dear chap who has to bear the pain and with the lady who will not be able to understand why her closest friend is going away, but such is must make tough choices sometimes


AD said...

such is life but such isnt the slaughter... why the hell do you have that in the post pic?

my God!!


Tangled up in blue... said...

Wow! Someone once rightly said (i often start sentences like that as an excuse for a pathetic memory) "Life is like an obstacle course..of our own making."

And this bit "the brotherhood believes that even the most complex equations can be solved, if you know exactly what question to ask"
makes me want to ask another question..

is the brotherhood all full of Douglas Adams fans?

coz the question is exactly what matters..the answer is always right in front of u! :)

sanely insane said...

@AD its abt 'severing' the relations :P

@T in Blue...the brotherhood was mortified that it couldnt read the trilogy in five parts to its completion and that implied there must be something deep and profound in the book (which ofcourse there was...the pizza guys number scribbled on the last page) and hence made the book its defacto guru...especially since it talked of just one concept...which the brotherhood felt was within its limited male brain to digest :P

Tazeen said...

but isn't the concept of a brotherhood obsolete in days of social networking

sanely insane said... so?


Winnie the poohi said...

Poor chap! he should guard his heart better :)