Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cute Little Love Stories - 5 Aajkal

"Aajkal badee baatein hone lagee hain duneeya waalon se" he said

She looked at him, said nothing

"Syaapa! chal chai peetein hain"

They walked down to the roadside tapri and ordered two glasses of cutting chai

"Sutta share karna hai?"

She nodded a no

"Tujhe pata hai tu bahut bolta hai" she finally said

"Naee boloon kya?"

A no again

"Tu jab bolta hai, achcha lagta hai"

"Aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai?"

"Tu waapas chal, tujhe pyaar dikhaati hoon"

He grinned

She grinned

The chai waalla couldn't help but grin


Sparkling said...

Me neither! *grinning*

Americanising Desi said...

and me grins too!

Srushti Rao said...

Grinning load and clear!!!! ;)

sonali said...

dat was tapori in love.... nice short stories u r comin up with.... would have been better if she would have shared da sutta!! ;)
keep writting girish.....good work again.

siras said...

grin grin grin :D

rookieblogger said...

veru cute

Pri said...

hmm u sure that chai wala didn't drug her tea or something??
she sounds prety high :p

Sophia Ali said...

heheh...thats very romantic...

sanely insane said...

Sparkling, AD, Srushti, Siras... keep grinning along :)

Sonali, yes, sometimes love, gotta b very non classy, gotta b done tapori ishtyle :)

rookie :)

pri...dunno, maybe he did ;)

Sophia...yes fiction allows us to take the heartbreaks of real life...and transform it into smiles of the readers :)

ivy_^^ said...

"Tu waapas chal, tujhe pyaar dikhaati hoon"