Sunday, March 21, 2010

Off Sex n Spirituality

The Sanely Insane in conversation with Miss Hot Chocolate Fudge

TSI: Wow!!!
HCF: read a book on it and for sure want this to be one of the life experiences i want
TSI: i'd want to reach into the mind unsupported by any chemicals
HCF: i would too but the "shamanistic" sciences have always held me captive, the depth of their wisdom
TSI: while these 'assisted' methods are good, they can also potentially ruin u...the best is to grow into the state of facing ureself
HCF: would ordinarily agree with u, but with the shamanistic healer have an intutive trust with the ancient sciences they belong to
TSI: all of these...kundalini, shaman, gurus...while they have mastered control and thus can be of assistance to others; i'd rather fight it out and master it myself
HCF: but u cant decry the importance of a guru in almost every stage of life
TSI: becoz even masters have varying levels of while he may be able to help u...he may also be exposing u to danger
and its very difficult to ascertain whose the right master or the wrong one
HCF: trust the universe to guide u and surrender to that trust
TSI: in that case...u might as well let the universe (the master of masters) guide u into u :)
HCF: wel said; to letting each person find the best suited path
TSI: :) u kno v shud try this together...not the peru thing… but the meditation thing
HCF: hmm, interesting idea, do u meditate?
TSI: used to....havent since quite a while now, it can b very discomforting
HCF: btw. there is this fellow , closely connected to one of my friends, and we have unexplored sexual vibe, or rather used to have these sexual vibes, not seen him since 2008 and he suggested we meet in mumbau, turned him down!, am proud of me ;-)
TSI: :)
HCF: not in the space for it rather go to the darga in the sea
TSI: :), I've been there once...though not when the qawwali was on..damn
HCF: they have sufi music there?
TSI: like mandirs have bhajans dargahs have qawwalis, even nizamudin dargah has
HCF: i know wonder if haji ali has
TSI: well they've filmed enuf of them in movies, am sure they ahve in real too
HCF: guess so
TSI: u kno watz really likeable abt u, i can have the most carnal of talks wid u and the most deeply spiritual topics too
HCF: often find the 2 inter connceted
TSI: they are...for both of them...u have to start going inside
HCF: the ability to be open abt sex is also the open ability to explore other dimensions and uncannily often ppl in trances make utterances that can only be described as orgasmic , sex was meant to be a peep into bliss for those not attempting the fuller journey often denoted as a shorter orgasm compared to meditation, but damm i miss kissing
TSI: well i cant even begin to tell wat all i miss :P
HCF: try
TSI: the feel of skin against skin...there's something so comforting...playing with the hair...the feel of the other person's weight....their heart beat felt thru their breathing
there's jst so much
HCF: miss finger tips trailing
TSI: miss taking in the upper lip and playing with it when kissing
HCF: miss tounge conversations
TSI: tht was gonna be my next :P, its so amazing how such a lil primitive thing can make u feel so close to another
HCF: yea and can be a language of its own
TSI: there's something abt kissing a girl's back...i mean dont kno why u gals like it or why we like to...but everybody likes it
HCF: men dont like their backs being kissed?
TSI: ermm i actually never thought abt it...dun no...dont think so
HCF: really i thought they did, ears are tricky some surrender some hate it
TSI: yeah i'm undecided on that also, i'm more to the hate, i like nibbling i dont like being nibbled..not there atleast
HCF: was more abt tounge in ear, that is the reference
TSI: ah hmm thts ok actually
HCF: aah hmm glad to know, abt ur spots ;-)
TSI: well in that case...u havent even started :P
HCF: some things are not abt words
TSI: yes but we clearly havent even come near my spots..except the initial bit abt tongue n kissing, but yeah i get wat u say :) ;)
HCF: else it is like getting a manual with a date
TSI: yeah and thats ugly, unless ure SRK in MNIK :P
HCF: then it becomes endearing, the joys of being a super star

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Waking Up

Ok this is a back to back marriage kinda post. (Yes i'm in that age group...sigh :P )

Anyways so to its quite difficult to choose a partner, not just through the arranged route but even when you are in a relationship.

And its pretty difficult to reason out stuff, sometimes the looks may be good but the compatibility isn't there, sometimes the person is nice but hell your tastes don't match; so many contra-indications are there that they can drive you mad.

So there's a simpler way to get to a yes / no and i'd like your feedback on it, and no not a logical one, but one based on your experience...So the hypothesis is...If we ask ourselves "Do i want to wake up next to this person every day for the next 40 years of my life" and we don't get a comfortable yes, then its probably a no.

And like i said, don't rationale it out, ask yourself the question and lemme kno if it works

Friday, March 19, 2010


Ok that's just euphemistically to say...marriage...

Was chatting with someone one day and within the discsussion it emerged, that if one were to go just by profession...a dentist would make an ideal choice for a spouse...Here's why:

1. Its not a luxury business, its in the health domain, always demand
2. Its not art that one day you'll go out of fashion or you need to be discovered...all you need to be is competent
3. Very less chance of somebody ever needing you in the night or for an emergency
4. The earnings are pretty handsome
5. You can relocate easily
6. You can go on extended vacations and come back when you feel like

:P :P :P