Friday, August 28, 2009

Judgement Day

Should we judge?'s me stirring the cauldron of thoughts...

One reason why I believe people dislike judging others is that...well we don't usually know the complete context in which another person acted and hence our judgments could very easily and very often turn out to be wrong...and that's scary!!!

But then isn't life all about judging... isn't it an inescapable act?

As you are approaching an intersection your mind is judging whether to slow down based on the traffic. The first time you meet some person, their body language, the clothes, everything starts forming perceptions in our minds, doesn't it?

And if there is no judgment at all...won't criminals romp the earth free?

And does life judge us...each french fry we eat...we are so squarely judged for it, aren't we ;)

From careers, to what meal we are going to eat next we make as many judgments and choices as there are moments...

The essence therefore may lie in being aware of the limitations under which we make our judgments and to learn from our past mistakes to sharpen our judgment skills and to be very careful while we make our judgments

The whole topic of judgment would also in a way tell us, that look be as transparent as possible, make it easy for people to judge you fairly

And having said that one would also say, don't be afraid of being judged wrongly. I think the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Ram had the twists in them to tell people that dudes and dudettes of the world, if people can question us, they can definitely question you, so don't let it hassle you, do what you believe in...


Tini said...

What made you think people don't like judging others?
On the comes naturally to humans to judge other humans and feel good about themselves...don't u think?

Cindy said...

Well... I don't think we like it, per se, we just do it and don't even realize it. I try VERY HARD not to but once in a while you make up your mind about someone without them ever having a chance. It's a struggle and we need to work at it. Good topic!!!

Americanising Desi said...

people dislike judging?

ye kahan hota hai?

sonali said...

we judge every1 irrespective of wat we r..... anyways, dis was thoughtful psot, loved it....nice pic too.
well done girish, learnin a lot from u :)