Monday, August 31, 2009

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

“Is this seat taken mister?”

“What are you doing here, aren’t you supposed to be with Rahul”

“He’s gone to bed, I tucked him in, he told me where I’d find you, I hope you don’t bring him here” she said slinking into the bar stool next to him

“Naah, I told him he needs to be promoted to a Major before he starts drinking. How was it with him, you guys had fun?”

“Oooh he’s a delight, we played scrabble and then he played me songs on the guitar, your kid’s very brilliant Arvind, you are very lucky”

“Yeah I know, I know, brilliant he is; his brilliance is his gift and his curse”


“Yeah he’s got a hyperactive brain, it secrets some chemicals, makes it keep working, when Rahul was little as baby he couldn’t sleep, we took him to the best doctors and they finally figured out what the problem was; he’s living the life on the edge of a blink Kiran, his medicine keeps his brain under check. It’s a very rare mutation so to say, only a hundred and twelve known cases so far, none grew up to be an adult. Every day that he breathes is miracle”

Tears welled up in her eyes “damn you” she said banging her fist into his shoulder “damn you”

“Yeah I know, I know.” He called out to the barman “Aby, get the lady a drink, a stiff one”

She had a sip of her drink “Who were his parents?”

“They were my students at Harvard, a lovely couple”

“Harvard!!! Students!!! did I lose you somewhere?” she asked astound

“Four and a half years ago on a train to Rishikesh this chap was sitting next to me, we got talking on philosophy and he got interested in what I had to say, so interested infact that he invited me to come to Harvard and tell the people there. I do a two month course at Harvard each year on business philosophy. It’s quite popular now.

“Raman and Archana were my students in the first year there. They were also the people who made me feel home in a strange country and became my best friends. Their 3 year old kid, Rahul, became my godson. I don’t think anybody who has ever met Rahul has not fallen in love with him. You should’ve seen him then, he was a pure bundle of joy. They died in a car crash the next year Rahul was four and half, I brought him home. But you know what; I thought I was going to be his dad till I got him home. Major never gave me that chance. Ever since Major saw the kid as he took the first steps he’s been by his side guarding over him, scolding him, pampering him. I was happily relegated to being his friend. Infact he’s so attached to the kid I had to talk to the principal to let Major go to school with him!!!”

“What!!! Really? Awwwww that’s so sweet”


“And what about you, you never married?”

“I almost did, actually. That’s another funny story. On my plane to Harvard I was seated next to this charming young girl. We got talking; she gave me her number in US. She was doing her masters in movie direction there. I called her up we met, we clicked, everything looked all set.”


“Then her dad invited me home. They are bloody rich people and I mean bloody rich. Her pop told me, son I like you, you’re a nice kid to have as a son-in-law but a marriage is not just a mix of two people its also brings two families together. Stay a few days here and see if you feel you and your family will feel comfortable with us I’ll be happy to give my daughter’s hand to you. The old bugger was right everybody in their family was so rich man, it was like they lived in a different universe altogether. I didn’t want our marriage to alienate her from her family. We discussed this and went our ways. She got married the next year to a movie director she started working with and then the car crash happened and well I’ve had my hands full since then.”

“You never felt the need for another person”

“I’m in my mid thirties now kiddo, there was a time when I needed a partner. I’ve lived through that era, now what do I need a partner for?”

“Don’t you think Rahul would need a mother?”

“Well he had, and life took her away from him and he’s got to live with that. Now if you’ll excuse me I think I think am done for the night. If you could get Rahul ready by 8 I’ll come pick him then and take him to school.” He kept his glass on the counter and walked off “Good night little one”

“Good night” her eyes lingered onto the lanky frame walking out of the bar.

“Aby, you didn’t ask him to pay?” she asked the barman

“Him!!! he owns the place”

to be continued…


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