Sunday, February 21, 2010

Trial By Fire?

Everyone has heard of the "Management Gurus" who in their workshops make you walk over burning coals, to make you into the fearless leader who can take the company through difficult times, or some other rationale

Take your refund dear chaps, take your refund, you'd be more of a leader if you won a golgappa eating contest...that's more tough

Walking on coals has nothing to do with adversity, its simply a question of something that looks dangerous, but it isn' if it isn't dangerous, then all you are doing is not letting your mind feel the "apparent" fear...that's all, that's no mean achievement either, but nothing as great as what the management gurus would like you to believe...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cute Little Love Stories - 8, The train robbery

Cute Litte Love Stories - 7, The hotness

"Motu, so gaee" he messages her

"Haan" she replies

"Tu kabse inni jaldi sonney lagi"

"kya hai, tang mat karo"

"Yaar, mujhe lagta hai kisi ne metro chura li"

"kya!!! tu paagal hai"

"Haan woh toh hoon, but yaar abhi i was going from the sec 18 underpass and there was a metro going by, raat ko 1:30 bajey, soch!!!"

"Tu sachchi mein paagal hai"

"Haan toh jhoothi moothi ka kaun paagal hota hai, but soch kya masti aayegi agar kal paper mein aaye, metro train stolen"

"hee hee hee" her girly giggle, he could visualize her giggling...she had a beautiful childlike giggle

and he was prepared to be a paagal if thats what it took to make her giggle at 1:30 a.m. , she sitting in some remote bloody town...

as he told a friend earlier in the evening...bewkoofi na ki, toh pyar kya keeya...