Sunday, November 22, 2009

Madame Poirot: Part 1: The Birthday Gift

“Yaar Nikump”

Nikump looked up from his files, as a lawyer, that too a corporate one, that too those M&A deal types he didn’t expect chit chat to happen before the late lunch that they had usually, infact usually it didn’t happen till around 4 in the evening, which was ok since they usually worked till 11 in the night. After all this was business season for them.

He looked at Kabir, the source of the voice; he had always felt Kabir to be a misfit in their organization. His demeanor was of a spontaneous romantic song compared to the monochromatic tone of the legal arena. What irked Nikump more was that this misfit of a person actually was doing quite well in the organization, not to mention he was one of the few who had a girlfriend, a good one too, an artsy girl, Niharika.

It was on the matter of Niharika only that Kabir had disturbed Nikumps retorie.

“Yaar it’s Niharika’s b’day next month and you know she ain’t someone whom you can gift a perfume bottle or stuff from lush and get away with it. I’m really freaking out over what to get her”

It was stuff like this that really irked off Nikump, he was a serious lawyer and didn’t really feel much inclined to discuss such trivialities of life. He had a wife and a secretary for stuff on the side. Both could be bought perfumes and were happy in their own worlds.

He was going to give a very curt reply, given that it was not yet the customary time for banal chat, but something struck him, something akin to what had made Archimedes run naked on the roads shouting eureka.

“Hmm, yes given that she’s the artsy shartsty type”

“She’s a painter” Kabir said exasperated, he had to correct them everytime!!!

“Yes, yes painter, I think something more intellectual would work better for her. I do remember you mentioning something along the lines of that she reads a lot of detective novels and secretly wishes to be like one. I was thinking, maybe if we set up something for her, something that lasts a month and concludes right on her birthday”

“You mean like a fake mystery to solve”

“Yes yes something like that, after all we are lawyers, if we couldn’t make up something like that, who could”

A light gleamed in Kabir’s eyes, this sounded good, no it sounded perfect….


siras said...

Ooh! That DOES sound perfect! :D

The Pretty four said...

nice...:) so what happens next? ;)

Thousif Raza said...

NICE start :) love it already, nice one

and thx for the wonderful comment, really appreciate it

take care and keep writing.............

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Fuck! I would love something like that, but then this needs time, energy and loads of brains, and who has that in the real world?


sanely insane said...

@LSL...well yes this may b tuff to arrange in real world...but and i say's not so busy tht nothing can b i speak ure words created a treasure hunt game in my mind...simple and doable..sends the girl from shop to shop getting clues (and gifts)

sanely insane said...

@thousif...thanks on :)

@Prettyfour...frankly even i dont kno tht yet does? well well well...i think u might change ure mind later on ;)

Kate said...

Wow I really like this.... what happens next?

Sparkling said...

As usual, the prelude to the suspense begins :D

Pesto Sauce said...

Another foray into story-telling

Good luck

aria said...

I know the next part is going to take an eternity ..
I really liked this one..

Harshita said...

*eagerly waiting for the next part...*

Ahumm... kya hoga??