Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of Truth and Tact

So there was this intensive discussion going on with a young lady...who for all logic thrown at her would still come back to the strongly held notion..."all men are assholes"

Yes yes i can hear you ladies clapping out there, enough with it, this one really has it really ingrained into her (or atleast so she makes one believe :P )

Anyways there is and has always been one winning statement against this theory, and different people use it in different styles

The Charmer: "I bet I can tell you one chap who doesn't fall into this category and you'd agree with me....your father"

The Naughty Guy: "And pray tell me what category would you put your father in then?"

The Tactless Shoots from his mouth kinda guy: "So you're saying your father is an asshole?"

While and please note this all three statements say the same thing, they all (hopefully) have different impact on the listener

And this is where truth and tact come in and why some guys get popular with the girls (or anybody) and some don't...say what you must, but learn to say it in a tactful and pleasing manner :)

p.s. Those of you who are wondering which of these three categories TSI falls in, how slow can you be!!! (this again is the perfect example of the tactless shoots from his mouth kinda guy)...take a hint :P This is a i'm trying to rescue the situation, wasn't trying to offend you, but you know you are right, men 'can' be assholes, so please live with that and don't hate me for it, but still i win the argument kind of apologetic post

p.p.s. and so dear reader...even in the worst of situations...have your sense of humor about :P ...and do image search for 'men are assholes' its hilarious

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Africa Male

The Sanely Insane again in conversation with Miss Hot Chocolate Fudge

For the first part click here: Of Sex n Spirituality

HCF: TSI.. a pal in africa (male) is currently got a NY chick staying with him
getting the best sexual ed he could have ever asked for

TSI: good for him; may i ask why am i being made jealous?

HCF: and is for some reason worried that anal sex may lead to disease. To the best of my knowledge that is bull, wanted to ask you to double check if there was a health hazard

TSI: if she has aids...its possible

HCF: aids - vaginal or anal, either way na

TSI: yeps

HCF: anal has no additional health hazard or does it

TSI: nopes...the usual STDs, anything in the blood

HCF: thanks! thought as much bt was not 100% certain. No - was not making u jealous, man is a scrawny boy.. recently initiated so like a boy in a zoo, jealously unwarranted

TSI: and heading directly to anal...well he's got bumper lottery :P, funnily though i didnt feel jealous, I actually cant seem to give a damn :P

HCF: yea same here he gives me details n i hear like a maternal aunt and not missing the feeling either

TSI: u have a guy u silly ass

HCF: so?

TSI: why wud u feel jealous, duh!

HCF: u do know that being in a relationship can dull the sex life also unless u are very vigilant

TSI: really? dunno...never been in one :P that long

HCF: oooh.. big hug, not being patronizing

TSI: :)

HCF: but heard u feeling lost type emotions for a while now, and now ur dng all the "actions in ur control" bt it aint happening for the now

TSI: what r u blabbering abt?

HCF: the feeling that i get that u are gng through a tired of trying phase wrt women
and are fed up and indifferent n dng the right things, like the arranged marriage etc
but heart not in it

TSI: nopes..i was giving the eye to eye look to a girl on the metro today...trousers, formal jacket, heels, kohl eyes...I jst dont want normal game anymore...I want the game...I want the girl who has the tigress in her...I've had enuf of these rabbits, I want one who'll play the game back, stand up and make conversation, those types

HCF: heard a certain jolie came back in the market ;-). And heard tantric tigress tales n occult secrets she is a owner of

TSI: I think she gets off these days by adopting kids...thats her new orgasm :P

HCF: may be u can show her a path back to her womb

TSI: we'll let the hollywood hunks do that :P I'd pefer someone more local

HCF: rakhi sawant? who wld u place as a jolie league, Sen sushmita ?

TSI: dude...i dont want an actress.

HCF: am kidding mr serious, I know u dont

TSI: why dont ppl use the ‘:P’ smilye like i do..makes it easy for everyone to understand :P

HCF: Interesting observation made today though, was in a all girl school and never got along with the uber feminine kinds, well FB had an interesting trend to show 10 years later, 90% of these are married, hve a 2-5 yr old kid, not more than 100-170 friends, and most from school, and status n pics revolving arnd the toddler, vs interestingly, a lot of the DPS/ non girl school girls, are not married, have international degrees and opinions the shocking thing!

TSI: now we kno...parents who send girls to girls schools intend to marry them as soon as they can legally :P
HCF: yea the unwritten rule of the 25 yr cut off mark


p.s. Dear African male, hope u r having the ride of your life time, with warm regards and best wishes TSI and HCF...imagine us giving our winks and thumbs up signs :P

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The cupcake

There was an interesting series of tweets last week.

“In a relationship the one who gives less of a damn, commands more power”

Ofcourse this is the very kind of a tweet that a melodrama like me can’t let go uncommented upon and quipped…

“Since when have relationships been about power”

Though I was actually wrong there, damn right they are, however, they are not so much about taking control, seizing command as much as leaving control and giving power.

A rocky relationship is more or less driving a vehicle while holding the steering wheel tightly…it makes it wobble. You’ve got ease of your grip a little, trust the vehicle to take your cue and the feedback it is giving, that's what makes for a smooth drive.

I remember once in Pune I was trying my hand at swimming and this guy gave me a good tip, float in the water, keep your head underwater and open your eyes, let go of your fear, let go of your control a little and you’ll find the water helping you.

Relationships are about power, but not about powerplays and yes there’s not guarantee that if you give up power the other person won’t make a power-play of it. There’s never a guarantee ;)

For all the cup cakes you would have had, probably the one that will linger in your mind...and heart is the one, that day, the lone remaining frosted coconut one, sitting in your fridge awaiting you; and your hungry tummy yearning out for it. The one that you split in half to share…that in short is the way 'power' works in a 'relationship'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who is John Galt

John Galt is not just a character, he is a concept. He is a concept that we all should be wary off, he is a concept that should keep us from getting complacent.

Because one day we may find that the people, the technology, the skills that we had taken for granted are no longer good enough; that someone has put a spanner in our works.

Companies can lose their employees, their technological edges; people can find that their skills are now redundant cause their entire industry is now redundant!

So not everyday, but every once in a while you should try and look around and wonder... Who is John Galt ;)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Matter of Trust

"I'm afraid you'll fail me"

"I believe you won't fail me"

The key differentiating point in the two this oft used and more oft than not abused

What the heck is trust...When one says one trusts someone what meaning is it supposed to convey?

Would you agree with this..."I know you enough to believe in you in matters where there is no evidence and even in matters of contra evidence, and in matters where i may not believe in myself"

Or maybe there is no one level of trust...maybe we our trust varies between a zero and a maximum, but, the point to focus on is this..."belief", "evidence" and "self"

And from here I launch into a unrelated yet connected topic....what is God?

Is it not the belief we have...some people have it in a guru, some in stone, some in the characters of a holy book, some have it in their parents, some in their friends...some in themselves.

It all boils down to...belief.

You haven't begun your journey oh wanderer till you know what you believe in.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Hate Luv Stories

Romance has a very special place in my life, somehow the only time my words get together to create a worthwhile vision is when i characters and their relationships conjure up in my mind.

Romance is also special because it has left me so bloodied that as my last Muse once said to me 'I don't have any left to give to you'. I sincerely hope that that's not true but very likely that is.

What life has also done is that by quelling the romantic aspects it has brought to forth the concept of Love as separate from romance. You can see and feel aspects in better light, a different light. And once you get over the troubles of a beating heart you see that you can actually smile. For very little else remains that you would worry for. You can face your troubles in the eye and laugh as they ravage through.

Have written two sets of lines one that talks of the pain of heart breaking and the other that talks about the strength of the life form to take on its troubles with a smile

Unforgiven Love
Unsolicited hurt
I wonder what madness brings us to thee
Forlorn Love
Weeping blood
Roses have brought me only pain

Sad notes don't come to me
My wheels are rolling, a free Willy
Each breath changes the picture
Each stroke adding to the texture
Through my un-surmounted struggles
Smiling knowingly to all the other muggles

p.s. We saw the movie today, for some freak reason i actually ended up liking what was done. But given the kind of stuff I just wrote above, probably i'm not in the best of my senses :P