Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Lieutenant: Meetup at the beach

Part 1: The Beach

Arvind!!! A female voice shrieked. Arvind looked up, from his plate of pani puri that he was happily gulping down, in the direction of the shriek. He knew who that voice belonged to, just that after five years he wasn’t sure how to react to it.

She came striding up to him. “I can’t believe it, after all these years”.

“Hi little one, how’ve you been?” he greeted her back.

“Life’s good, I’ve settled here in Mumbai, have my own little company.”

“So you finally became a CEO” he smiled.

“What have you been upto?”

“Oh nothing, got into economic research and stuff, make some money here and there as a consultant, you know me, never the serious types”

“Colonel, come in colonel” the walky-talky strapped across Arvind’s belt came alive.

“Colonel?” she asked confused

“Wait you’ll see” he winked “Come in lieutenant”

“We’re all set colonel” a little voice crackled

“Cover your bases and make your way back then lieutenant”

“Come on Arvind, you’re killing me, what’s all this colonel lieutenant business about”

“Patience, my dear”

“Tell me!!!”

“Like always, no patience in you”

“Daddy” a little boy jumped up onto Arvind’s back from behind.

“How was the game today”

“Was nice daddy, Chandar scored two goals and we won”

“And where are your manners little monkey, say hi to Kiran aunty”

“Hi beta”

“Hello aunty”

“What’s your name beta”

“I’m Rahul, aunty, second Lieutenant Rahul”

She couldn't help but laugh and hug the little second be continued


Americanising Desi said...

my heart has a weird ache...
and it has been persistenr for the past many hours...

i thought redain this would make it better.
but no luck.
good writin though :)
not that i needed to say it!

sonali said... be continued!!! y do we have to keep dis Anyways, waitin for part2!!

Sophia Ali said...

Eagerly awaiting for part 2...

siras said...

Second Lietenant! Hehe :D