Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sitting by the play ground
I was munching on salted peanuts
A bunch of kids playing football

Little darlings all
clean tees and shorts
eager be muddied

There was the gifted
the one who could
dribble the ball

The other was a coach
would play less
and teach more

The morale booster
who could after a goal
cheer the team back into action

Not to mention the players
the ones who had to support the dribbler
listen to the coach and get cheered on by the booster

But as i sat and watched
two other kids caught my attention
and my eyes just didnt leave them

The elder one was a jostler
she had a sheepish smile, loads of energy
and kicked people on the shins

The other one was the awkward
he dribbled as badly as anyone could
wasnt really good at anything

These two kids, one despised by everyone
one left alone by everyone
were lost to themselves

Wondering what they had done wrong
what had they done wrong?
nothing...they were also kids

A few days ago a person i knew was talking about another person and all the bad that other person had done. I know both of these people to a different extent but I know both are nice people, both have bad things to say about each other.

An incident today and a very sad one about another person precipitated the thoughts into words

Its easy for us people to label each other as good or bad, as achievers or failures. We are all kids, all wanting to smile, laugh and be happy, we have our own ways, sometimes we hurt each other, sometimes we get lost; but in the end, we are all trying to dribble the ball as best as we can...just because we each play a different way we shouldn't miss the point...we are all kids...we all want to smile, laugh and be happy


InExile said...

thanks for your comment and i wanted to write a big reply but that'll be like explaining tesla coil in 50 words or less ;)

sanely insane said...

@InExile...i kno the subject brings out the best of male intellect :P

Xeb said...

True dat! :)

Still thinking said...

Yes. We do want to just smile, laught and be happy :)

I quite liked the analogy, got the point totally! :p

Mrinalini said...

so rightly said, people need to get it..dont they? :)

VJ Sophie said...

Yup, a grownup is just a child with layers on.

KB said...

nice piece!! so true...we al have that kid somewhere in us waiting impatiently in he crowd of grown ups

Pesto Sauce said...

Well said...we are all kids

Bitter Truth said...

:) Nicely conveyed!

siras said...

Yes, in the end all anyone wants is to be happy. :)

Very well said. :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Wow..what a explanation of the event in the form of poem...

football, kids and all..