Friday, December 31, 2010


Life wouldn't it be much more beautiful if we could take care of those things where we fall short on; not the stuff that is dependent on external factors, but the shortcomings within. Don't exercise, you start exercising the next day. Ain't dilligent about work, you start being the star performer the next day. Can't tell when clothes look good on you and when not, next day you become the style statement around town.

What is it that holds us back, even when we know the answer. Think of your own shortcomings, tellme that you don't know the answer to how to correct them. But do you know what stops you from overcoming them?



Not enough investment into trying to bring the change?

Too caught up in the rut?

Trying to change too many things simultaneously?

Maybe all of those. Maybe...we're just too used to seeing us as we are that we can't believe we could be something or someone else...someone better...someone we dreamt to grow up to be. Maybe we're afraid that while we're changing people will react weirdly to us, wonder what's wrong, maybe we imagine ourselves as the different person, but we don't imagine what it will take to take us there and hence when the challenges come up...we're not ready.

So let me list a whole lot of things I want to change about myself:

Exercise more regularly

Write, more and varied

Read more

Get work done in time (read concentrate)


So what's been holding me back...a missing go take on the world and say I am the conqueror. Well tell you what, I don't know what challenges lie ahead, what challenges from the past shall show their faces again, but I hope that 2011 shall see me taking them on with a shinier sword. What more...I hope the new year sees you ready for your battles too :)

...and hope you have a happy time...after all what's a destiny if you haven't enjoyed the journey!