Monday, June 1, 2009

This blog

This blog for me is another step in evolution. I know it troubles you guys because you need to keep track of the change every time i jump titles and links, I do apologize for the inconvenience and at the same time hope that you appreciate the freshness the change brings.

With this blog you would've noticed that I've transitioned from my fixation for the black template to the white template which is in line with the theme of this blog 'Beauty of Knowledge'. The title as well the link would leave you confused (I hope it does) because it means nothing, it cannot be pronounced easily or kept in the memory. Our human brain like other things in nature finds it the most convenient to 'patternize' everything. These patterns i believe while having their advantages have a very subtle but powerful disadvantage, that being the 'complexity' in our lives. Every time we feel things are complex it is my theory is that we have been captured / captivated by some pattern and are mentally not able to break out of it. This blog hence tries to break all kinds of stereotypes or patterns that exist and hopes that people will see the light as plain and white as it actually is

It is also a means for me to reach out to people. I'm a conversationalist, this is what I do and my blog continues to be a medium for me to mix my soul with those of others and make a very spicey tangy soul salad. I hope you will all like ones before you extend me the privilege for the same.

It is and here I almost blush :P also a means for me to try and reach out to that single woman who may be looking for me. I have just stepped out of a rather massive heart break and hence may not be very receptive at this point of time. But then between the last time I fell in love and this time the gap was 3 years (with a two minor flickerings in between) and I don't hold high hopes of finding someone really special any time soon. Having said that I do believe (and here you can see how patterns form) that the kind of women who like me are the ones who have a great bias in favour of people with words, wit and intelligence over brut force or money. A single woman is a rare thing today (given the skewed sex ratio :P ) and moreover finding someone you like and they like you back being rarer yet still I believe that if she were to exist and she blogs that maybe she would find me here

But more than my interest to break the patterns of your believes or my romantic hopes of finding lady love, the strongest motivation driver for me is the desire to try and bring a smile to people's faces. I believe that I'm not here on earth to create great products or lead nations to victory but simply to leave the place with more smiles than what I came into. And i really hope that I'm able to achieve this to as much an extent as I can


AD said...

the process of rebirth and rejuvenation is quite appealing :)

hope and wish you achieve what you aim to :)


NE~ISM said...

Ok I am seeking to feel better since this blog invite.... I am happy to see the happy go lucky side of my friend. I am still catching up in blogland but ur one I have to read!

Stillthinking said...

And you say you want to be 'plain & simple', god forbid if I've to even try reading the gibberish title :p

P.S: So, in short, this blog is gonna be your very own huh? :)

TC my dear friend

sanely insane said...

@AD...i know..u can't read, speak or remember it...a breaker of all patterns :P

@Ne...special ppl deserve extra special attention...don't we now :P

@ST..i dont read the title myself...i typed it out randomly..that was the whole intention..

of all the things i wrote...ure attention got focused on the Shaadi thing? :P like I said its low probability...but I was stating the intentions (which i believe a gentleman should) and this was one...hence it got listed :) i hath no shame :P

Confusion personified said...

cute :)

happy woman hunting...will be following it to see whr this takes you..wink :P

sanely insane said...

@Ivy u girls really do get fixated wid the girl 'hunt' thing no :P

siras said...

Hehe.. what a title.. there's no way it'll be possible to remember that! :P

Aww, that picture made me SMILE! Such a cute smile she has! :) MashaAllah.

Winnie the poohi said...

LOL! What an interesting way of communicating :D

hfm said...

I love this idea of having a confusing title just to realise that us humans flit aimlessly without realising our own lost ways.

Good luck with your endevours.