Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ruining the Stars

The mystery of the cosmos and how it affects us is pretty intriguing. Even if it is true, how significant is their effect on us?

I did a little survey about two years ago trying to find out whether sun signs could be taken as an effective indicator for success or failure or relationships. Out of the hundred odd people who filled it, the trend was almost half split. 50% people had partners of compatible sun signs. The trend for 'dislikes' was also the same.

Reading further on the subject gave me possible explanations for the same. Firstly its not jst about your sun sign, you have a moon sign too, then within your sun-sign you have a rising planet. And if you go by the Chinese they believe the year you were born in also shapes your inherent personality. Numerology says that within a sun sign the exact date (summed up) gives an indicator of who you are. Limiting ourselves to just these factors lets see how the equation pans out.

You could be an

'Virgo' Sun Sign
have 'Mercury' as your rising planet
With a 'Taurus' moon sign
Born in the year of the 'Rabbit'
With A numerology of '4'

So you see even if the cosmos does affect us, it doesn't make it any simple for us to find our perfect one

But i hope while reading all this a question struck your mind...so does this mean our actions and behaviours are predefined?

Does that mean a Cancer guy and a Leo girl can never make a happy couple?

Like always I won't give an answer, leave you to find it yourself...but here's my take on it...if you really like a person and that person likes you back...i doubt the sun signs can get in your way...coz there's that thing we have...choice...and as much i believe in the power of the sun and the stars...i believe more in the power of choice


Sparkling said...

And I wonly believe in Lurrrvvv :D

Sophia Ali said...

Loved your closing lines...I mean how does it matter if two people maybe of contradicting star sign love each other..look at my parents, Gemini and a leo what kind of a combo is that?

siras said...

Love trumps all!

i believe more in the power of choice

I have to wholeheartedly agree with that! :)

spiritual said...

much hyped star sign connect!
stars do affect ur behavioral pattern..but LOVE surpasses all.!!
its a matter of LOVING unconditionally n everything goes rite.!!

Pesto Sauce said...

I am a Virgo and get along well with capricorns....coincident??

Americanising Desi said...

my mom is virgo and dad capricorn and their compatibility is gr8 mashaAllah...

so that explains their charge!

as for you sanely insane... what is up with you ;)

sanely insane said...

Sparkling, Sophia, Siras, Spiritual...if you believe in love...then love shall triumph :)

Pesto sauce, ADesi...see there really may be something to this thing abt sun signs :) I wish someone wud do a proper study on it

Sup! said...

i agree...we have a power- Choice. else how can it be love if its based on stars / planets.