Monday, November 30, 2009


Long after the conversations have died,
the ooh and aah babys have stopped being whispered
long after the bickering fights have gone
there's just one thing that remains

the WHY

and its that, that keeps biting at the heart and won't let wounds heal
where no matter how much u smile or cracks joke, hitting the bed becomes an ordeal


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Madame Poirot: Part 1: The Birthday Gift

“Yaar Nikump”

Nikump looked up from his files, as a lawyer, that too a corporate one, that too those M&A deal types he didn’t expect chit chat to happen before the late lunch that they had usually, infact usually it didn’t happen till around 4 in the evening, which was ok since they usually worked till 11 in the night. After all this was business season for them.

He looked at Kabir, the source of the voice; he had always felt Kabir to be a misfit in their organization. His demeanor was of a spontaneous romantic song compared to the monochromatic tone of the legal arena. What irked Nikump more was that this misfit of a person actually was doing quite well in the organization, not to mention he was one of the few who had a girlfriend, a good one too, an artsy girl, Niharika.

It was on the matter of Niharika only that Kabir had disturbed Nikumps retorie.

“Yaar it’s Niharika’s b’day next month and you know she ain’t someone whom you can gift a perfume bottle or stuff from lush and get away with it. I’m really freaking out over what to get her”

It was stuff like this that really irked off Nikump, he was a serious lawyer and didn’t really feel much inclined to discuss such trivialities of life. He had a wife and a secretary for stuff on the side. Both could be bought perfumes and were happy in their own worlds.

He was going to give a very curt reply, given that it was not yet the customary time for banal chat, but something struck him, something akin to what had made Archimedes run naked on the roads shouting eureka.

“Hmm, yes given that she’s the artsy shartsty type”

“She’s a painter” Kabir said exasperated, he had to correct them everytime!!!

“Yes, yes painter, I think something more intellectual would work better for her. I do remember you mentioning something along the lines of that she reads a lot of detective novels and secretly wishes to be like one. I was thinking, maybe if we set up something for her, something that lasts a month and concludes right on her birthday”

“You mean like a fake mystery to solve”

“Yes yes something like that, after all we are lawyers, if we couldn’t make up something like that, who could”

A light gleamed in Kabir’s eyes, this sounded good, no it sounded perfect….

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Big Game

Whales are mammals...not fish.

And why we talk of this distinction is because thats the only 'big' fish like thing that you can find coming to the sea shore (yes killer whales attack seals on the beach)...for real fish, the big ones, you gotta get into deep sea yourself.

Love and career both even though they exist on different planes validate this can't fall in love without making yourself vulnerable, you can't make it big in career without taking you own call on decisions.

Mostly we have heard this kind of gyan from people who are successful and we feel oh yeah you would say it cause you have made it big, you were the lucky one...hence i felt like speaking on this topic...because i've had myself hurt both in career terms and love terms...and not just once...and so i say...dreams are not worth giving up matter what

Am i an incorrigible optimist...trying to ruin your lives too?

Not really...if you gotta be a cynical about how well a stranger can understand your innermost emotions...and hence make sure you communicate enough with them so that they can understand the being you are...if you gotta be an an optimist in believing that people will rise up to your expectations

if you gotta be a cynic, be a cynic in thinking the world will hand over the CEO's role to you for free...if you gotta be an optimist...believe in the power of your will

Dreams are like roses, you gotto find your way through the thorns to reach to the petals...fight for your dreams, what else is there to live for....go for the big game...

...and yes one could talk about how other flowers like orchids have no thorns...but hello...meri analogy ka kela karne ki naee ho rahee hai :P

cheers ppl

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've got a lot to say, but all of it to myself...

These are the years of life when the dreams of childhood face the harsh realities of life and one must take a stock

Re-visualize those dreams which had along the way gotten distracted by the ways of the world and the eventualities of growing up

It is time to start dreaming again :)

As Aerosmith said...(let's) Dream On