Monday, October 26, 2009


dna thsi si going to be hrda to a cebrelation

evne if teh wrods don't appear clera...

tahts wot ti is

so tkae a deep btreah now...and enjoy the simles adn teh fukc ups coimgn yoru wya

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


so kahaani aisi hai ki i was i think in second grade, this if when we were posted in faizabad. Mom's younger colleague, some BEd teacher had gotten engaged and me and mom had gone their to wish...i mean i had been made to tag along...

anyways so like at such times there was a whole plethora of sweets on the table, some had landed in my plate, i guess mom's doing...don't remember really. But what i do remember is that somebody came with gulabjamuns as a second round of helpings...and i like gulabjamuns and i wanted them...and yet i said no...

and i never understood why...i mean i wanted it, it was offered to me...then why

so yeh hai aaj ka bhaiyaa na bhole banne ki baat hai, aur na bhagwaan ab tumhein gulabjamun khaane ke liye special aakashvani karega...

gulabjamun khaane ke liye hi hotein hain...especially agar offer kiye ja rahein hon... :P

p.s. though i've repeated this same mistake again few times in my life...but this gyan has helped me reduce the nbr of occurrences :P

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Liutenant - Part 8 - And They Lived...

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 4: Comics

The Lieutenant Part 5: Shopping

The Lieutenant Part 6: ‘Mom’

The Lieutenant part 7 - The cold

After the last part I was quite flummoxed, I wasn’t sure where to take this story to. In my mind Rahul being a kid his next natural demand is why don’t his parents stay together, why does he have to be always split between two worlds?

Kiran and Arvind are as confused as the readers as to where they should go, neither of them is sure of their emotions. Kiran rejected Arvind five years back, has anything changed since then for her to go beyond ‘I like this guy’ and what about Arvind, will he be able to forget the turmoil that he has gone through. Kiran was his dream which got shattered, can a dream be rebuilt and even if it can will it be ever the same as the original one.

Just as a trivia Arvind’s character was supposed to turn out later as an actual Colonel in the army. One of those covert operation guys, the whole Harvard thing was meant as a cover, a public image.

Anyways back to the story, the other important question was about Rahul, would he live, his was a rare disease, he had gone beyond the doctor’s expectations till now, would he be the first kid to be able to beat the disease? And what if he didn’t would Arvind and Kiran’s relationship be able to hold if Rahul wasn’t there to hold them. Would Kiran be able to take the shock, she had always wanted a son, her’s was a troubled life, no relationship had worked for her, except this one, for once she was really in love…

These are too many questions, too many uncertainties...and that’s how life is, at any time, some things are under our control, most are not. The present sandwiched between a history of rights and wrongs and a future which refuses to be unhazy…

Its not for me to complete this story, its for each one of you, to choose how you respond to it…choose your own endings…

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Lieutenant part 7 - The cold

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 4: Comics

The Lieutenant Part 5: Shopping

The Lieutenant Part 6: ‘Mom’

The Mumbai rains had come, in their entire splendor. While most of Mumbai enjoyed the downpour Arvind sulked big time. He was a Sun guy, the kind of rains he liked were the ones which lasted no longer than 4 hours. Mumbai rains ofcourse never entertained his pleas for mercy.

This was one of those days Rahul was with his newly adopted ‘mom’. He was at his suburban home sipping tea reading a book on his couch with Major by his side. Like any other boy Rahul was spending most days with his mom. Arvind would see him in between the week sometime or he would come over for a few days every other week. Not that Arvind was entirely happy with this situation, but well a child needed a mother and he felt happy for his kid, he really looked livelier these days as if he had found heaven.

Major started barking suddenly, it was a low deep growl. Arvind who was engrossed in his book looked at Major. Major rarely barked in that tone.

Oh Shit he thought and fumbled for the phone. He called on Rahul’s number. He could hear him sneezing, wildly, barely able to talk. He made a dash for the door like any other worried father. In the morbid weather, that had probably taken a lull to let him pass, he tried to cross the sunken streets as fast as he could, which meant a lot of walking, buses, autos, taxis. After two hours he finally managed to reach Kiran’s house.

Arvind entered the house with his key, The two of them mom and son were sneezing away to glory. She was taking his temperature but he could see she wasn’t much better herself.

“Thank God, you both at least changed into dry clothes” Arvind said to make his presence known

“Daddy!!!” Rahul screamed and rushed into his arms. Arvind lifted him up and held him tight.

He kept him back on the couch. “Now you two, sit” He got them a woolen blanket from the bedroom. Gave them the tv remote. The two of them cuddled each other shivering.

He went into the kitchen and made them, chicken soup, the instant variety, right now was not the time for culinary finesse but fast relief action. As an after thought he added noodles for the slurrpy effect and also to add some weight to the food.

He gave one big bowl each to the shivering mother and son, busy cuddling each other, teeth chattering and yet giggling away to glory while watching tom n jerry.

“Daddy I’m feeling cold” he said making his cute little pleading face

“And so am I” she said, imitating his cute little pleading face

“Kids!!” he said “Pehle ek hi thaa, ab do do hain!!!”

He sat down between them on the couch and they both folded into his arms, wrapping themselves to his chest. Whether it was the effect of the chicken soup or just the moment, but the cold fell away and there was warmth in that living room, and soon three beings were fast asleep, cuddled in each others embrace

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Lieutenant Part 6: ‘Mom’

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 3: At the Bar

The Lieutenant Part 4: Comics

The Lieutenant Part 5: Shopping


“Yes son”

“Dad, could I call Kiran aunty…..Mom”

Half of Arvind’s coffee flew out of his mouth “Ummm sure son, I’m think Kiran aunty would also like that”. Of all the things one expected on a Wednesday morning, this wasn't it

Rahul came and hugged him “Thanks dad, you’re the best”

“No son, you’re the best and you've got the best mom in the world” he hugged him back tightly, happy for Rahul. A thought took him back five years, when he had thought it would be nice to raise children with Kiran, he had always thought of her as a doting mom, who could teach their children about life and the beauties within. But he had never imagined that thought coming true like this.

She called him day after the next, she was almost shrieking in delight “You know what, he, he called me Mom” He just smiled “I couldn’t stop hugging him”

“He’s the son you always wanted, little one”

“Yes” he could hear the sobbing in her voice, a happy kind of sobbing

“Chalo good, he succeeded in wooing you, where I failed” he laughed

“Oh shut up!!!” she giggled

It was the weekend, Rahul was over at Kiran’s, in the few months that they had met since that first encounter at the beach the two had become almost unseparable. Like Colonel even Major had taken a back seat letting the two be on their own.

“Major, I’ve got an uneasy feeling. I don’t know where this is going, but suddenly it feels that life is going to get very complicated very soon”