Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh little bird

Oh little bird
flapping your wings
against the tyranny
of people and time

this jail cannot be broken
through hurtful angst
in your wake others shall cry
is that what you want?

Your tears are precious
waste them no more
look how the kids come
joyfully to you

Come sit on my perch
Oh little one
I'll pet you
and take good care

And you'll realize that
the jail is easily broken
when u fill your bosom with love again
and sing the song that brings sunshine

Oh little bird
you are the light of the world
come back, come back
to the world of love


AD said...

i want to go back into the world of love but something has chained my flight, something is holding my wind and something is not letting me get introduced to a new light!

this is beautiful!
i feel like the bird in that cage!

thanks for pullin me in here!

Shoe Girl said...

nice one! reminded me of a pink Floyd song...

simple. but deep

sanely insane said...

@AD...jst follow the poem...the cage will break open

@Shoe Girl...thanks never hurt being told that it reminded someone of Pink Flloyd...which one?

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

I agree with Shoe Girl. Says more than the simplicity it exudes.


Pesto Sauce said...

Captivity is the antonym of freedom

Ki said...

Reminds me of the poem 'I know why the caged bird sings'. Very intense.

sanely insane said... talks about hurt and how we get caged by it...and how it can lead to negative reactions in our angst to escape it...but that it is in the other direction that freedom lies

@Pesto...and this is self captivity...a boundary set on oneself

@Ki...thanks will look that one up :)

Winnie the poohi said...

Sweet thoughts :)

Love is one bird that flourishes in bondage :) nothing like obstacles n angst to increase the love ppl feel :)

sonali said...

lovely poem, today i got to read some real good stuff. 1ST of all thanx a lot for following my blog dude, and i am new so i do not know much what to comment. I loved the poem, and that bird i could see my face in it :(

Anyways, some thing interesting i would like to tell you, in my blog none ofthe story is fiction, all 100% true !!

hope you give healthy critics, on how to make it better...

sanely insane said...

@Winni...this is not abt love...this is abt the hurt from broken love

@Sonali...for now just one...u need to open up ure blog to comments :P

Keshi said...

quite an interesting poem there! '


partywithneha said...

lovely and profound!
My heart goes out to the little bird...only if I can get my heart out of the cage!

sanely insane said...

@Keshi...if it wasnt wouldnt have come frm me... :P

@PartywithNeha...i'm hoping the power of prayers shall work :)

sonali said...

i did that, i am so new i had no idea, i had to take the help of a fellow blogger. It seems nyc to have friend blogger like you.
comments are open, please comment and say what else to be done, its an honour to have you as my 1st follower.

Che said...

Maybe the bird is being fattened for the tandoor?

d gypsy! said...

a sweet one...

Pri said...

nice! :)

Still thinking said...

So? Did she come back? ;)

It's beautiful.

siras said...

This is so absolutely beautiful!!! =D

Awesomely written. =D