Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Lieutenant: Part 2: She takes him home

The Lieutenant Part 1: Meetup at the beach

“Kiran aunty you smell nice” complemented Rahul as she laughingly pulled him into a tight hug

“Thanks beta, you are a darling, I wish I could steal you away from your colonel for a day”

“Oh you can aunty, if you promise me pizza you can”

“Oh I didn’t know soldiers of the army could be bribed so easily”

“You are right aunty” he said on beat “make that a pizza and a brownie with ice cream and we have a deal”

“He’s playing you missy, be careful” Arvind pitched in ruffling Rahul’s hair

“Is it all right with you, if he spends the rest of the evening with me?” She asked him

“Sure kiddo, just take care of the young one”

“Lieutenant if you gotta go, go get your stuff”

“I’ll go get him daddy”

“You let him wander alone, on the beach, you’re not afraid?”

“Ha ha, afraid, no, and he’s not alone, you’ll see”

“We’re all set to go daddy” Rahul came back followed by a hopping german shepherd.

“Kiran, meet our third army man, Major”

She grinned “I see we have a whole army out here”

Major came near her and sniffed her, went round and went back standing next to Rahul

“So now you know Rahul’s never alone and why I don’t have to worry”

He picked up Rahul in his arms “whose going to be a well disciplined soldier at aunty’s place”

“Sheesh dad, what sadoo dialogues you make, aunty and me are gonna have a wild time, just chill”

“Ok mister, done deal, chill I will, and here’s your magic potion, remember soldier, two teaspoonfuls before sleeping”

“Sir yes sir”

“Magic potion?” Kiran asked increasingly confused by this whole story inside which the father son lived.

“Will tell ya later”

“Don’t you want to check with your wife first, if she’s ok with me taking Rahul for the night”

“Colonel doesn’t have a wife, he found me when he was on mission in the jungles and brought me home”

She looked at him not knowing what to say

“Aah so you finally bought your beamer, your driver is waving at you”

“Ya I did last year, it a beaut”

“Sure is, take care of my little champ and do remember two teaspoonfuls of his magic potion just before sleeping and give me your card or do you still have your old Mumbai number”

“Ya it’s the same, you still have it”

“Yeah, chal cya, have a fun time you three”


“Oh ya where Rahul goes Major goes, have fun” He waved to them as they got into the car

to be continued....


Anonymous said...

yayyy !! i loved the rihanna series soooo soooo soo much !! m so glad ur back wid another one :)

sonali said...

cranky pranky ivy.......wer had u been???? anyways, back to girish: now da plot is developin..... i have my guesses but not now, later, in the end ;)

Anonymous said...

@ sonali...buried in a deep pile of shit calld mba...


sonali said...

hahahahahaha......... so even u started piling up, lol. Good to here from u, all the best ivy!!

sonali said...

*hear..... ma english is pathetic, lol..

@girish: will you please change the template n layout of ur blog, make it more lively, i m bored of this one.....pleaseeeeeee!!!

Sparkling said...

Rahul talks as if he is 16 years old :P

Like the scene, makes me want to see 'Aa Gale Lag ja' again! :D

Anonymous said...

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Sup! said...

best one!