Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When things were tough...the world was much better

As I was driven out of the airport in my cab, along side passed a Meru, with a lady inside speaking away on the phone, don't know to who, don't know what topic. And like the rolling of the reel of a film, the scene panned out with many more such cars ahead and behind us, made me wonder...

Of the days when travelling from one city to another was not just a matter of logging onto cleartrip and booking a flight, getting out of office into a cab, another one picking you up at the other end. Where travel required thought, where companies preferred that people travelled in groups so that they could be picked up together. Where cabs were still a luxury and if you were a singleton you'd take an auto, not because you were considerate of the environment but just cause it was more economical.

Where per force you would spend time talking to neighbours or your auto driver because well there was no cell phone or twitter to hide into. Where if you didn't feel like talking, you would sit in silence and enjoy the moments of forced solitude.

Where distance did make the heart fonder, and since you couldn't reach the other person on sms, any letter or phone or even know how of the other person made you smile

Shit those days were bloody hard, can't imagine how we got through living without tv till age 8!!!

...and now...we're going back...this summer heat the family has discovered that no one wants to watch the tv cause its too hot (no ac in the drawing room)..and we all eat dinner together in the bedroom...talking chit chatting...

God i hate technology....god i love technology...damn our middle classness that we haven't yet thought of putting in the ac in the drawing room...god bless our middle classness...that we haven't :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Three Signs of Success

I've seen people on the streets, and I've seen people who are multi-millionaires at a very young age. I've seen beautiful people, well built people, people who are masters of their craft.

Yet neither one seems to be a good measure of success. People who are successful at their career may not be that big a hit on the personal front. A poor laborer may have had no opportunity to build a great career, does that mean a laborer can't be successful?

Over the years a kind of feeling struck me that measures of success need not be these direct aspects and I related back to my experiences when I felt successful and realized it really may be true. So if you are feeling successful tell me do you also feel that you can:

1. Breathe easy
2. Sleep easy
3. Crap well

Yes really these are the three. If you are not breathing in air like you own the world, if you can't sleep well at the end of the day and your crap looks like puke then there's something really wrong in your world even if the world can't see it. And the days all these are working well, no matter whether the world notices or not, you are probably feeling its your best day ever...