Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cute Little Love Stories - 7 : The hotness

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"ae agar main kabhi tujhse kuch chupaai toh"

(girl: "hey if someday i hide something from you")

"koi na...fatka padega...jor ka...dhuey pe...laalo laal"

(guy: "aah no worries, u gonna get one solid spanking on your bum, red hot one")

"sachchi!!!" (really!!!) she said in her half haughty, half naughty semi questioning tone

He looked at her, and saw a glint creeping into her eyes

"chal tharku!!! aankhein tak chamak rahee hai" (haah horny one, even your eyes are gleaming)

she blushed her way into his arms...and the two of them onto the rug... ;)

while when we talk of relationships we mostly talk of the compatibility of nature, emotions...sexual compatibility, the ability to read each others signals is another important ingredient to successful relationship

jisne pehle ke post naee padhey hain...jaldi karo yaar...try and keep up :P


Americanising Desi said...

i feel something cooking! whazzup?

Thousif Raza said...

keeping up ji keeping up :P

this is going somewhere aint.. it, and love advice kya baat hai... thank you.... :P

take care and keep writing...........

Sparkling said...

I don't know what you say. This btw can happen in lust as well, huh...

sanely insane said...

Lust...should be a part of (romantic)love...don't ya think? :)

Kate said...

Lust should definitely be a big part - if you don't want to jump his bones then it isn't right.

Kate x