Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conversations with a Rockstar : Her turn to ask

The first part of the conversation can be found here

RockStar:hey tell me was thr sum super hot girl in xyz course kya a yr junior to u? or maybe in ur batch wht was her name?
Me: yeah na we've discussed her...junior
RockStar: name
Me: some muslim chick wait
RockStar: haan wht was her name …yes !
Me: it'll come to me...not so shaply toes, fat ass, but wat looks and nice style..daymn
RockStar: haan she wore suits n stuff…but was really hot..haina?
Me: cant remember abhi give me a day..yeah
RockStar: k..kal sum senior was talkin bout her
Me: he he…so wat abt her?
RockStar: kuch nahi turns out even her uniors drooled over her *juniors
Me: yeah she was droolable...wat ppl kno less is she was pretty smart...she used to teach the english in one of the CAT coaching places and had a blog also fucking rich...her pop was a senior VP /owned some financial investment firm
RockStar: sahi…so while everyone else was lustin aftr her cute butt…one guy loved the 'pilgrim soul' in her…lol…sahi
Me: no she was no pilgrim...she was smart, rich, pretty and quite a fool...madly after a guy who as far as i cud guess treated her like shit…or so i felt
RockStar: sigh
Me: :P
RockStar: irony of life…why is life so unfair…seriously…u shud wirte a post on this
Me: life isn't...but life also presents everyone a challenge
RockStar: thw cruelty of life
Me: some ppl life gives very difficult challenges…poverty, ugliness, dumbness, physical/mental handicap…she comparatively got a simpler one :P…think if there were no challenge there wud b no fun either
RockStar: ok tell me…if sum random guy can see her smart brain n see her gettin treated badly…n has a thing for her…why cant he muster the courage to wlk upto her…n make things right
Me: errr hello...whatever gave u the idea i didnt...
RockStar: lol...oh ya u did…:P
Me: i was never the popular chap around...and the more popular chaps (read student council) took to getting me listed in the bad books

RockStar: i just asked coz im surrounded by such stupid guys here at nm who act like lil scared girls..when the time comes for then to show up u knw
Me: and it worked...on her atleast :P
Me: yeah becoz 90% of them will hear a no…imagine random guy...somebody from college...he's walking up to u...everybody in the collg sees it...then he has to come say hi, say something...without it sounding obvious he's hitting on u...but then why will u think he's otherwise…why else is he coming up to say hi…ure attitude defences will shore up...and he'll get snubbed…hence guys back off
RockStar: cmon ur makin this guy sound like a kid frm the homeless shelter…the guy has to have sum courage…so spunk to get the girls attention…no? …*some spunk…n i think girls appreciate tht… as for me
Me: i dun kno the exact circumstances...of the guy u r talking abt…so cant say…yes some spunk is necessary
RockStar: im so done wid people here...if any guy wants to be wid me. he can just cut thru the chase n the crap n just come n tell me. id appreciate tht more than the i think i like u but m so sonfused coz i have a gf already crap !! aaggghh
Me:Waisey :P i like u...but am no mood to hit on u...jst saying...
RockStar: lol…i meant genereally na
Me: i'm saying specifically :P ure a cute, smart, fun u...but like i said, me no gonna b hitting... :P
RockStar: see thts why i like u…tht makes it uber cool
Me: he he...yeps...i dont go in for a kill unless i feel the bait wants it and i am very on the face abt it :P
RockStar: :P
Me: this has gone into a very boring mode :P too much on the face talk :P
RockStar: lol ok ur tunr gimme sum guyish info
Me: sure ask…is this still for that gj chap?
RockStar: noo…see
Me: thnk god
RockStar: haan this guy na senior we hang out usually a lot like post gym..catch up for dinner n all nice to talk to kinds bt i think hes got a thing for me n shit i dnt knw how to act wid him…oz he is tht gj’s classmate…n he doesnt knw abhi tak about me n gj..
Me: errr ok…u want him to hit on u?
RockStar: nooo…like yest he was bummed coz of placemnts n stuff….so i asked him ok wht wud u do the day u get hes like..go out to a nice place wid u… :| …n i was like...uhh..ok.. :-s
Me: well...tht sounds like he's hitting on u..subtly
RockStar: yaaa…n im just dreadin wht he will say when he gets to knw bout the gj chap
Me: errmm...u were hanging out with him, u liked him, but he had a thats the end of that…watz there' to be embarassed?
RockStar: uhh…i dunno…i just feel bad about the whole thing…hey u knw wht…i blasted tht guy no…so hes like..ok u take time to cool down…just gimme one day
to talk to u in person…PM i will make things right…have to give u explanations n stuff
i wasnt fakin it…n other crapo *crap
Me: dudette...let me giv u a simple...non unclish hint...
RockStar: ?
Me: there are parts of a relationship tht are troublesome...those are the ones where u adapt to the others peculiarities…but there are other parts that shud work like clockwork if the shoe doesnt fit will bite…now go figure :P
RockStar: thts deep :P
Me: :P thts wat i learned from my exp with the TLC girl...don't try and make it work...atleast not in the early phases...the effort part shud come in the last mile not in the first mile…btw can i use this for a post...this conversation, i'll ofcourse unname u and change a few details
RockStar: i was about to say tht…this shud totally go into ur blog
Me: see i'm quite fast ;)
RockStar: :P i figured tht while havin the bra size convo wid u :P nyways i'll leave..bandra's callin
Me: u want the bra size thing also?
RockStar: lol
Me: hmm makes sense...will do
RockStar: ur blog…do wtever
Me: in two separate posts
RockStar: see u :)
Me: have fun :)


Americanising Desi said...

yes i smiled :)

thank you!

Just telling it like it is said...

Is she light or dark...I'm just asking?

Pri said...

///don't try and make it work...atleast not in the early phases...the effort part shud come in the last mile not in the first mile…///

very rightly said..this is absolutely true...but most often we realise it late.
if the initial phase of the relationship requires too much of an effort from one or both sides, u should definitely give it a second thought.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

I am so glad I went back and read all those posts I had missed.

Made me feel so good on a gloomy dull day. :)


sanely insane said...

told ya :P :)