Monday, January 11, 2010

Conversations with God

"Dear God" the woman remarked "I'm smart, i'm fun, i'm savy, i deserve the perfect man, why haven't you sent him to me"

God looks kind of confused "but i did kiddo, but you were so busy being smart, fun and savy that on his request i had to shift him to the perfect woman"

"When" she said half shriekingly "they were all imperfect, the ones i met, where was the perfect guy you sent, and wait, how the hell am i not the perfect woman!!!" she said in enough anger to even scare god

god, in a little subtler tone after all that shrieking "ahem, mind your language please, after all, it is god you are talking too. Kiddo even i'm not perfect, all over history people question God, Why did Ram leave Sita, why did Gandhi call of quit India, Was Jesus really born out of a virgin?; there's no end to finding faults, even with God. The perfect perfect because she loved the imperfections of the perfect guy

"Damn, so will i never find happiness"

"You're talking to god, shouldn't be that difficult, maybe you just haven't given it enough thought"

She woke up a while later and looked at her lab...had she been talking to her dog? no no just a dream she thought

Later at another place a chap sitting under a tree having beer and peanuts "god man you're awesome, I mean only god could've known that peanuts are the best thing to go with beer, I mean like wow"

God: "you kno its tuff to hardsell you to these women as the perfect man if you keep talking like this, ok now throw some pretzels my side"

Tossing a few peanuts that way "Oh chill man don't have to hardsell me and all, btw thats another awesome piece of work of yours, funny they are in some ways, but they're good, especially the ones that don't nag so much, they are the best, awesome creatures man, here's a toast to them"

Ofcourse the man saw nothing wierd in talking to his dog, he was drunk, thats what you were supposed to do when you were drunk


Ok this post wasn't about the girl or the guy or the stupid 5th class debate :P but have you ever wondered the dog is supposed to be the man's best friend, all civilizations across all time periods have had dogs...surprisingly and i may be wrong on this none of the civilizations have portrayed dog as a religious symbol, no god has ever been associated with a dog. I think its not by chance, its like a secret agreement, keep the focus away from the dog...but i think one of the members of the secret committee decided to be little benevolent on mankind...after all why else would they have spelt out the name in english as DOG || GOD...

if you don't believe me...just look into a dog's eyes


desininja said...

awwwe! never knw u love dogs so much!
anyways perfect man n perfect women perspective was good. really liked that. keep blogging. :)

Sparkling said...


Poor woman! Seriously!

Pesto Sauce said...

I hate dogs, too scared of them

Sophia Ali said...

Ha ha ha...good one :)

Mrinalini said...

Dude, I had no clue we are together in this love of ours!

Just telling it like it is said...

My Dog brought love back to me!!!

sanely insane said...

can i borrow ure dog :D i need some assistance with the love bit :P