Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cute Little Love Stories - 6

Cute Little Love Stories - 1

Cute Little Love Stories - 2

Cute Little Love Stories - 3

Cute Little Love Stories - 4

Cute Little Love Stories - 5

"Tu aajkal likhta naee hai"

"Tu aajkal padti jo naee hai"

"Tujhe pata hai naa aajkal busy chal raha hai mera"

"To jab tu free ho jaaegi tab likhoonga"

"Tu kya sirf mere liye likhta hai"

"baaki koi reader god (lap) mein baith kar comment naee deta na" he said with a wink

"haan woh bhi hai" she said, from her comfortable position in his lap. He knew how to make her feel special and that is all that mattered, all that she needed to drive away the tiredness of her job


ok guys awesome weather these days in delhi...early morning driving through the fog on the DND is like driving through clouds...stuff romantic scenes in real life are made those of you who are a couple...hope you are making the best of the season...take a weekday off on the foggiest around on the DND...come back home have pakodas...and go back to sleep :P

Cute Little Love Stories are a series i started based on a fledgling romance that plausibly started last year but never took off. These are the conversations that happen perhaps in another timezone another lifetime...but i hope you journey along with these characters, they are very much real, even if their romance is imaginary :)


just another girl... said...

cute :)

Sophia Ali said...

hahahah...sweet one...I loved the way you concluded the post :P

Sorcerer said...

nice one..

Americanising Desi said...

wow such sweetness comin for you :P

Just telling it like it is said...

Me no speak English...

sanely insane said...

:) i'll translate it for u

in a bit