Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of Truth and Tact

So there was this intensive discussion going on with a young lady...who for all logic thrown at her would still come back to the strongly held notion..."all men are assholes"

Yes yes i can hear you ladies clapping out there, enough with it, this one really has it really ingrained into her (or atleast so she makes one believe :P )

Anyways there is and has always been one winning statement against this theory, and different people use it in different styles

The Charmer: "I bet I can tell you one chap who doesn't fall into this category and you'd agree with me....your father"

The Naughty Guy: "And pray tell me what category would you put your father in then?"

The Tactless Shoots from his mouth kinda guy: "So you're saying your father is an asshole?"

While and please note this all three statements say the same thing, they all (hopefully) have different impact on the listener

And this is where truth and tact come in and why some guys get popular with the girls (or anybody) and some don't...say what you must, but learn to say it in a tactful and pleasing manner :)

p.s. Those of you who are wondering which of these three categories TSI falls in, how slow can you be!!! (this again is the perfect example of the tactless shoots from his mouth kinda guy)...take a hint :P This is a i'm trying to rescue the situation, wasn't trying to offend you, but you know you are right, men 'can' be assholes, so please live with that and don't hate me for it, but still i win the argument kind of apologetic post

p.p.s. and so dear reader...even in the worst of situations...have your sense of humor about :P ...and do image search for 'men are assholes' its hilarious


siras said...

Oh, I have a friend you should meet her.. or actually you SHOULDN'T meet her. She'll bite your head off, unless of course you have a gender change. :P

Americanising Desi said...

well well someone is self bashing his own kind :P

or rather pamperin em ;)

P@ul@mi said...

aaha..coudn't have been better of bashing (self or otherwise ;) ) and yet pampering of thy self..

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Men are assholes, no matter what. The one with the tacts is just the one who gets laid. :P