Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Africa Male

The Sanely Insane again in conversation with Miss Hot Chocolate Fudge

For the first part click here: Of Sex n Spirituality

HCF: TSI.. a pal in africa (male) is currently got a NY chick staying with him
getting the best sexual ed he could have ever asked for

TSI: good for him; may i ask why am i being made jealous?

HCF: and is for some reason worried that anal sex may lead to disease. To the best of my knowledge that is bull, wanted to ask you to double check if there was a health hazard

TSI: if she has aids...its possible

HCF: aids - vaginal or anal, either way na

TSI: yeps

HCF: anal has no additional health hazard or does it

TSI: nopes...the usual STDs, anything in the blood

HCF: thanks! thought as much bt was not 100% certain. No - was not making u jealous, man is a scrawny boy.. recently initiated so like a boy in a zoo, jealously unwarranted

TSI: and heading directly to anal...well he's got bumper lottery :P, funnily though i didnt feel jealous, I actually cant seem to give a damn :P

HCF: yea same here he gives me details n i hear like a maternal aunt and not missing the feeling either

TSI: u have a guy u silly ass

HCF: so?

TSI: why wud u feel jealous, duh!

HCF: u do know that being in a relationship can dull the sex life also unless u are very vigilant

TSI: really? dunno...never been in one :P that long

HCF: oooh.. big hug, not being patronizing

TSI: :)

HCF: but heard u feeling lost type emotions for a while now, and now ur dng all the "actions in ur control" bt it aint happening for the now

TSI: what r u blabbering abt?

HCF: the feeling that i get that u are gng through a tired of trying phase wrt women
and are fed up and indifferent n dng the right things, like the arranged marriage etc
but heart not in it

TSI: nopes..i was giving the eye to eye look to a girl on the metro today...trousers, formal jacket, heels, kohl eyes...I jst dont want normal game anymore...I want the game...I want the girl who has the tigress in her...I've had enuf of these rabbits, I want one who'll play the game back, stand up and make conversation, those types

HCF: heard a certain jolie came back in the market ;-). And heard tantric tigress tales n occult secrets she is a owner of

TSI: I think she gets off these days by adopting kids...thats her new orgasm :P

HCF: may be u can show her a path back to her womb

TSI: we'll let the hollywood hunks do that :P I'd pefer someone more local

HCF: rakhi sawant? who wld u place as a jolie league, Sen sushmita ?

TSI: dude...i dont want an actress.

HCF: am kidding mr serious, I know u dont

TSI: why dont ppl use the ‘:P’ smilye like i do..makes it easy for everyone to understand :P

HCF: Interesting observation made today though, was in a all girl school and never got along with the uber feminine kinds, well FB had an interesting trend to show 10 years later, 90% of these are married, hve a 2-5 yr old kid, not more than 100-170 friends, and most from school, and status n pics revolving arnd the toddler, vs interestingly, a lot of the DPS/ non girl school girls, are not married, have international degrees and opinions the shocking thing!

TSI: now we kno...parents who send girls to girls schools intend to marry them as soon as they can legally :P
HCF: yea the unwritten rule of the 25 yr cut off mark


p.s. Dear African male, hope u r having the ride of your life time, with warm regards and best wishes TSI and HCF...imagine us giving our winks and thumbs up signs :P


Anjali said...

Lol@ PS. A wink and thumbs up sign from my side too :P.
And interesting observation about Girls school and non girls school products!

Anjali said...

Lol@ PS. A wink and thumbs up sign from my side too :P.
And interesting observation about Girls school and non girls school products!