Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Hate Luv Stories

Romance has a very special place in my life, somehow the only time my words get together to create a worthwhile vision is when i characters and their relationships conjure up in my mind.

Romance is also special because it has left me so bloodied that as my last Muse once said to me 'I don't have any left to give to you'. I sincerely hope that that's not true but very likely that is.

What life has also done is that by quelling the romantic aspects it has brought to forth the concept of Love as separate from romance. You can see and feel aspects in better light, a different light. And once you get over the troubles of a beating heart you see that you can actually smile. For very little else remains that you would worry for. You can face your troubles in the eye and laugh as they ravage through.

Have written two sets of lines one that talks of the pain of heart breaking and the other that talks about the strength of the life form to take on its troubles with a smile

Unforgiven Love
Unsolicited hurt
I wonder what madness brings us to thee
Forlorn Love
Weeping blood
Roses have brought me only pain

Sad notes don't come to me
My wheels are rolling, a free Willy
Each breath changes the picture
Each stroke adding to the texture
Through my un-surmounted struggles
Smiling knowingly to all the other muggles

p.s. We saw the movie today, for some freak reason i actually ended up liking what was done. But given the kind of stuff I just wrote above, probably i'm not in the best of my senses :P


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

No no no. Considering you liked the movie means you are not in your senses. What you wrote is nice. And trust me, life really does become allot simpler once romance and the want for it is thrown out. What remains is pure love, and no romance can match that. Sad, but true.


Americanising Desi said...

i agree with luscious - i was offered to watch this movie but i declined completely! your writing is always sane and this really is :)

Sparkling said...

You're a perpetual romantic, this I'm very sure about! :)

Sup! said...

like the can be seperate from romance...i feel they dont hav to follow each other.

Sup! said...

like the can be seperate from romance...i feel they dont hav to follow each other.

Mrinalini said...

love and romance are is essential, other is a luxury u can do without..have i come close to understanding wt u tried to say? :O :)