Sunday, July 18, 2010

The cupcake

There was an interesting series of tweets last week.

“In a relationship the one who gives less of a damn, commands more power”

Ofcourse this is the very kind of a tweet that a melodrama like me can’t let go uncommented upon and quipped…

“Since when have relationships been about power”

Though I was actually wrong there, damn right they are, however, they are not so much about taking control, seizing command as much as leaving control and giving power.

A rocky relationship is more or less driving a vehicle while holding the steering wheel tightly…it makes it wobble. You’ve got ease of your grip a little, trust the vehicle to take your cue and the feedback it is giving, that's what makes for a smooth drive.

I remember once in Pune I was trying my hand at swimming and this guy gave me a good tip, float in the water, keep your head underwater and open your eyes, let go of your fear, let go of your control a little and you’ll find the water helping you.

Relationships are about power, but not about powerplays and yes there’s not guarantee that if you give up power the other person won’t make a power-play of it. There’s never a guarantee ;)

For all the cup cakes you would have had, probably the one that will linger in your mind...and heart is the one, that day, the lone remaining frosted coconut one, sitting in your fridge awaiting you; and your hungry tummy yearning out for it. The one that you split in half to share…that in short is the way 'power' works in a 'relationship'


sanely insane said...

the sentences are not fluid, i know, didn't have time to redraft...bear with me :)

Vivek said...

I agree with you here... it more about letting things go rather than holding on to them tightly.

Americanising Desi said...

since they have started perceiving it as power plays there are high rates of divorce!

Sparkling said...

I'm glad I'm not sitting in that car of yours while you drive with that kind of analogy! :p

siras said...

Absolutely! It's when we forget that this is a two way thing, that we mess up.

You seem to be pretty smart! :P :P

Barbie Jones said...

The thought of sharing equally the cupcake reminds me of the 1947 movie "The Voice of the Turtle".It's a lovely thought as in parntership and then the coconut will be the frosting on the cake=added bonus.

Mrinalini said...

love the post, totally in sync with power story you just jotted :) it is true, a cupcake shared is the best cupcake :D