Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Matter of Trust

"I'm afraid you'll fail me"

"I believe you won't fail me"

The key differentiating point in the two this oft used and more oft than not abused

What the heck is trust...When one says one trusts someone what meaning is it supposed to convey?

Would you agree with this..."I know you enough to believe in you in matters where there is no evidence and even in matters of contra evidence, and in matters where i may not believe in myself"

Or maybe there is no one level of trust...maybe we our trust varies between a zero and a maximum, but, the point to focus on is this..."belief", "evidence" and "self"

And from here I launch into a unrelated yet connected topic....what is God?

Is it not the belief we have...some people have it in a guru, some in stone, some in the characters of a holy book, some have it in their parents, some in their friends...some in themselves.

It all boils down to...belief.

You haven't begun your journey oh wanderer till you know what you believe in.


Divaa Divine said...

and what is boils down to is what we lack - we in our human skins have a scarcity of it!

and hence a lot dissolves in the poison of mistrust and disbelief!

Raj said...

you always write stuff that's too philosophical for me. but trust is something one imbibes in something else as a way of life. i guess.

siras said...

I do believe that sometimes its our experiences that shape who or what we trust and not trust.

Barbie Jones said...

Once burnt,twice shy I say with a sigh.If anyone gets my gold of approval seal of trust,you bet he ain't got rust.But in God I trust 100%.I have learned to trust Him by living it out,one day at a time and He always comes through.Always.To actually live it,is totally different than reading,writing about it or discussing it.And to have this trust in God is totally thrilling.It's what we all long for and need so bad.

Krishna Chaitanya said...

Interesting thoughts..

But was curious about this post more because of the picture as I have seen this one before..

Anway.. keep writing. Always good fun to read your words..

Krishna Chaitanya said...
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Mrinalini said...

oooh, soul curry :) brilliant piece buddy :)