Friday, March 19, 2010


Ok that's just euphemistically to say...marriage...

Was chatting with someone one day and within the discsussion it emerged, that if one were to go just by profession...a dentist would make an ideal choice for a spouse...Here's why:

1. Its not a luxury business, its in the health domain, always demand
2. Its not art that one day you'll go out of fashion or you need to be discovered...all you need to be is competent
3. Very less chance of somebody ever needing you in the night or for an emergency
4. The earnings are pretty handsome
5. You can relocate easily
6. You can go on extended vacations and come back when you feel like

:P :P :P


Harshita said...

LOL!! that was a good one... :D

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Okay. So, what you are saying is that I should let my Bed Friend date that stupid Junky Dentist she has been trying me to convince to approve of for so long? No. Dentists ain't fun!


sanely insane said...

@Harshita... thanks :)

@LSL well do read the one small bit in the beginning somewhere..if only we were to look at 'just profession'...


siras said...


siras said...


sanely insane said...

yes yes LOL :P