Friday, April 29, 2011

Like Dogs chasing Cars

Was seeing SourceCode yesterday night, and the movie is slow enough to give your mind time to have wandering thoughts. And I came back to a thought that I had when I had first started this blog. About patterns, about the mind believing something, because to it, that seems rational. But what if we didn't believe what we felt was rational, believable.

Then the world is open to so many more thoughts. Two + two need not be four, cars may run from dogs, being alone may not be bad, there could be a past present and future and they may not be in serial order. There could be afterlife, what I thought was love, may have been love, and then what I didn't think was love could also be love. Success could mean, having a cup of tea relaxed, people don't cry at funerals for its not a reason to be sad.

I don't know, I think I gotta stop being in patterns. It opens up so many more possibilities

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Grain Trader said...

thank God not all people stop chasing patterns; else what would happen to logical people like me...
man, i bet you should not have been an engineer.