Sunday, February 6, 2011


no no this is not going to be a dirty naughty post...though am very tempted to write one ;)

In recent times two of my friends have talked about a deep sadness that refuses to get shaken off. While one is here in India, another is based in US; both are doing pretty ok (read good) on the professional front and both seem to have a very sticky personal front.

We all go through ups and downs in our lives don't we. But this sounded different, this was neither an up nor a down, but like a bottle of beer that had been kept open so long that it had gone flat, the fizz had gone.

The fizz that makes you wake up in the morning and face the world which isn't always good to you, isn't always bad to you; to take the twists and turns that life throws up before you. The fizz is that tingling taste that you feel, that sense of excitement, the sense of wanting to know what's coming.

But sometimes you know you eat boiled vegetables the doctor has told you so and you think i'll have the fizz some another day. And you get enticed, you keep pushing the fizz away, thinking you still have time, but you forget the bottle is open...

Life is about balance, somedays we really do need to skip that bottle of fizz, but it can't be that we just keep ignoring our dreams everyday, because it just might be that when you've made enough money to live your dreams, you find you don't have any dreams any longer.

The trouble is not about people focusing on work more than their own life, you might find the same happening in people with a very good personal life but hardly any success at work. Life needs a meaning, a search, and a desire...

So what does one do when the bottle of beer goes flat, is it the end then, no hope for people to get out of this state of sadness.

I'm not sure but I would bet against it, the whole thing about life, about every new breath you take is that you don't know what can happen next. Sometimes its you who brings in the change, sometimes life thrusts a change on you that pulls you out of it.

I will not be presumptuous and tell you what one should do when one is going through such a phase, ok what the hell I can atleast throw some wild shots who knows you might benefit from it. The first is can't expect different results if you keep doing same thing. Second its a long drawn out battle...having somebody you can trust especially in your down times may just help. And lastly if you're going to live (and for those considering taking an overdose of sleeping pills...imagine if you die and there is actually a god and rebirth is not just make believe and you are reborn in worse of that wouldn't be good would it... :P ) as i was saying...if you're going to live...fight!!! fight your way out of this melancholy...


Barbie Jones said...

Well,if I do kill myself I know where I'll end up and it's not rebirth but hell forever.But that's me.

Maya Roy said...

wow. funny how it happens now that i had been feeling like shit mostly recently and the source of this feeling i cannot yet pin point to one exact thing or action or whatever. but reading this post now, i mean like we all know these things but somehow we still need some one else to reiterate it to us, so we know, oh yea, fight, keep fighting. don't let the slump dull you. right.

so, thank you for writing this. and it is almost magical that i ended up on your blog while reading few other blogs because you know, it's like magic.

to keep fighting: is the key.
keep writing.

sanely insane said...

@Barbie Like they say...if hell its gonna be it :P

@Maya...well maybe there's a reason you're named Maya afterall... :)

Mrinalini said...

work is taking the taste out of the beer if i say so myself..have been so down and out, its not even funny anymore..
but am with u on this, fightin it out is the only option :)

aria said...

you sound more sanely here.. great post and good analogy :D

Sparkling Gem said...

wow what an amazing post :)

I went thru the same phase recently and then decided to fight back...u can read it in my latest post :)

Loved the advices...hope all fell back for ur frnds :)

btw its scribbling gal here :)

AKA : said...
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Dazediva said...

Brilliant. Love the way you've managed to describe a feeling that I think all of us have gone through at some capacity or another.

Life is about finding a balance; and its quite an amazing roller coaster ride when you keep your eyes open :)