Saturday, September 25, 2010

Laughter the Best Medicine

Was having this conversation with dad...about families, tensions within them et. al. And we discussed how right from the one yr old baby in the house to the adults each was driven by their fears and aspirations. Fears and aspirations that can lead to conflict.

So what makes for a happy family? Or how would you even know whether your family was happy or not?

It's probably the amount of laughter or light hearted conversations you can hear in your family, that i feel is the only decent measure. And if that's the measure then you'll find that arguments over right and wrong don't work out well. Cause in real life seldom will you find people wrong, arguments happen over two different perspectives of right. And only once we learn to take ourselves lightly, issues lightly, rights and wrongs lightly...will mirth feel welcome in our homes


Scribbling Girl said...

So so true ....That's y i wanna have a happy family someday full of laughters :)

sanely insane said...

Me too...toughest of dreams i tell u