Saturday, September 4, 2010

Feminism - Is it about the Woman ?

Dumb question innit? But then if it is so why am I asking it...

Feminism as per what I've come to make of it, is understood by people as for and by the women.

Ofcourse if that is true, it reiterates my other hypothesis; people don't think a lot.

Feminism has got nothing to do with women, it has got everything to do with Society. Yes society, the group of people living interdependent on each other for their survival as well as prosperity.

And the last four words of the above sentence hold the key to why it is so. An imbalance in the society will lead to its decay. Unfortunately no system manages to hold perfect balance. In our human context in most of the sub societies the imbalance crept in the form of women being trounced upon. And hence feminism sprouted to restore that balance. So if you hear someone say its about 'bra-burning' or 'proving to them men' or 'being equal', its just that they haven't thought enough. Feminism is not a fight of woman against man, it is a fight women fight hand in hand with men because its a fight for a better society.


Sparkling said...


Finally, someone gets it! :)

Sophia Ali said...

Well said!

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Though I am sure, that age aint far when people will stand up for Masculinism.


Divaa Divine said...

you speak on behalf of us all!

Scribbling Girl said...

wow I finally find someone who shares my perspective and truly understand feminism....when I stand up and say i am a feminist .....ppl stand and raise a eyebrow....they either think of it as 'bra burning' or 'man haters' or worse the so called political gaining feminists.....but for me its about equality in sense of better society..... fight against exploitation....and asking woman if this is what they want....if they r fine with way they live okay....but give them freedom to that assure better home and children and upbringing and better society.....alas neither many men understand it nor women .......

When i tell I turned towards studying feminism thanks to my feminist male 'much married' grad teacher and i carry it thanks to my lady professor with happy marriage and children....ppl can't digest.....but thats real feminism :)

Loved this post to core :) thanks for making ppl aware :)

aria said...

nice post :)

sanely insane said...

@Sparkling... doesn't someone :)

@Sophia... :)

@LSL..."oye macho" courtesy SRK :P

@DD...itni toh moti naee meri aawaaz :P

@Scribbling Gal damn i don't have any source for my feminism...except that i want to see everyone happy

@Aria :)