Friday, June 18, 2010

Comment as Long as Posts

Since i've written a bloody long comment might as well save some energy and use it as a post (yes lazy bum title goes well here :P)

So here goes...quite a hotly debated article... do read it, coz only then will you have the context to make my text seem comprehensible

Priya Ramani's: I may not be an Indian

Lots of interesting parts to this article, all different and yet tied up into one theme...i gotta learn to do that.

The whole part where you talk about your tastes and mannerisms not being atypical of an Indian made me wonder...what is this Indianess we keep talking about. Is it that we are tied to each other by a national boundary, because within this mannerisms and tastes vary to such large extents that you could never identify one common 'culture'. Will have to give that a thought, one is so used to be called an Indian that we assume we actually understand what the term means, confusing ubiquitous usage with comprehension.

Having said that for that matter all countries have fake Pride. Name one that has achieved anything of great significance and i'll tell you where they are faking it.

Everyone's on it for festivals, weddings, SRK / Bips stage shows, football, it...people like being on steroids they just find their own excuse for it.

"Personally, I’ve always believed Ram was a loser and I have no idea why Sita didn’t leave him many years before he threw a tantrum that resulted in her walking through fire"

Aah the much spoken of why if Ram was supposed to be so just and a god did he do such injustice to Sita. You are not the first to have found the glitch in the lovely story called Ramayan; sadly however you are also not the first who has looked at a stone on the road and announced to the world...lo behold..stone on the road!!! Doesn't take much thought to come to that conclusion does it.

What would have been more interesting is if you could have tried to think why the author put the glitch there. After all he built an almost perfect character throughout his story, why couldn't he end it at..and they lived happily ever after...fat chance that his publisher told him, good mush, fancy action, but ain't gonna sell...add some spice and he went back to add that. Give it a thought maybe then some interesting perspective may strike you :)

Aah the what if question (i'm doing quite a bit of the 'aah' ain't I :P )
Some times it takes people to explore the what if option to realize why they made the original decision in the first place. Sometimes they explore both and don't find meaning in either. Some however know why they value what they do. I'll leave you to your dilemma. You could always try being a writer in the country you did your masters, 40 ain't that old to stop experimenting :)

Ok now here's where i get real cheeky. So you're sitting at this fantabulous restaurant which evidently caters to gentry who are used to being asked still or sparkling (instead of mineral or regular :P). It's a lovely building, someone studied architecture to design it, some contractor got labour to build it, someone dug the iron out of the ground, turned it into steel, others got the cement. A lot of effort went into getting you to sit into that chair at that restaurant to ask for that water and eat the food you did or will, what do you feel has been your contribution to building something, how do you feel, you have added value to someone else's life?


vishesh said...

Ha! I finally come to your blog :) India is a convergence of many worlds, which try to find a common hold and cooperate with one another...

Sparkling said...


There is so much stuff here, what do you want me to reflect upon? :p
Btw, I'm with you all the way where Ram is concerned, as for what is my contribution in that fantabulous restaurant that you're talking about here, dude! if it wasn't for me patronising it, the whole structure would've been termed wasted ;p

sublimefeeling said...
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sublimefeeling said...

jst a reply to ur query.. the much hyped act of Ram asking Sita to walk throu fire.. wells there's a back up to this it is..
Shri Ram knew Ravaan wld be abducting Sita. When they were living in the wilds Rama asks Sita to walk into Fire.. where He asks the Fire God to provide safety to Sita.
This is in connection to why Rama askes Sita to walk throu Fire.. so He can get back the real Sita from Fire God.