Saturday, May 15, 2010

Back Up Plan

Got back from seeing the movie...the first thing i'd like to say...JLo has ugly toes...i can't understand why they...focussed on them in the opening shot of the movie... (In guy equivalent...we wouldn't focus the first shot of a action flick on dog poop would we)

Anyways you know this can't possibly be what this post is about.

There's this scene in the movie where the two have just had sex and the gal tells the guy that she is pregnant...and the guy blows his top...Pause here... watz wrong in the scene...watz wrong is that here one of them didn't understand what the other person was going through...the girl tries to explain her logic, feelings and thoughts but the guy gets spaced out into a totally different zone. Its not like one shouldn't feel what one feels, but it is also important to try and feel what the other one feels...and this is something important we can take from this scene (crap i sound like ure 8th class moral science teacher...crap crap crap :P )

There is something interesting about the scene few shots later, where he turns up at her door...And what this scene teaches us...(no no that one should say sorry and get on, thats trivial)...but that its ok if u blow you're top off once in a while, arguments are gonna happen, no one expects anybody to be always the quote goes from the movie Gia

"Francesco: This is life, not heaven. You don't have to be perfect... "

ok i should sleep now...and i promise to redraft this post into a more readable post when i wake up
and i promise u i'm lying abt the above promise :P


Sparkling said...

Remember FRIENDS??? Wasn't the scene a deja vu of that then?

Btw, you saw the movie Gia? Hmmm...

Anjali said...

cant believe there are lessons to be learnt from a JLO movie :P

Anjali said...
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sanely insane said...

@Sparkling yes i did, don't remember the friends scene though :P

@Anjali that is what we learn from the movie Ratatouille...anybody can 'cook'

Sup! said...

JLO is horrible in the movies with her extra ordinary butt popping out of her gowns! I have observed in sooo many movies she wears shittiest of clothes ewww...(Monster in law, maid in manhatten etc...)