Monday, May 9, 2011

Three Signs of Success

I've seen people on the streets, and I've seen people who are multi-millionaires at a very young age. I've seen beautiful people, well built people, people who are masters of their craft.

Yet neither one seems to be a good measure of success. People who are successful at their career may not be that big a hit on the personal front. A poor laborer may have had no opportunity to build a great career, does that mean a laborer can't be successful?

Over the years a kind of feeling struck me that measures of success need not be these direct aspects and I related back to my experiences when I felt successful and realized it really may be true. So if you are feeling successful tell me do you also feel that you can:

1. Breathe easy
2. Sleep easy
3. Crap well

Yes really these are the three. If you are not breathing in air like you own the world, if you can't sleep well at the end of the day and your crap looks like puke then there's something really wrong in your world even if the world can't see it. And the days all these are working well, no matter whether the world notices or not, you are probably feeling its your best day ever...


Raj said...

lol. on days when you are feeling successful, even if you are down in the dumps, you are more often than not calm. thats my sign. :)

Neha said...

Somewhere in the spectrum of emotions I tend to agree but shall add a few more. the ability to be anxiety free and have a feeling of santushti, and this is got no link to money but just the mind. have seen rich people stressed and worried because the next million is not there, and simpler people happier with bigger mental loads to carry because they were ok with there where they were

sanely insane said...

glad you guys added yours :)

Adee said...

for me, to feel loving (and also loved), is more important than feeling successful :)